First semester advice?!?!?!?

  1. Ok people...I am still waiting on my letter to get here, but while I'm waiting, I was wondering if there were any current nursing students (preferably at JSCC) but I'll take any advice, that could give me any pointers/input as to what my first semester of nursing school is going to be like in the fall. I know I can't be for sure if I am in or not. My ranking is a 195/200, so I am hoping that that is good enough. I'm anxious, excited, nervous, scared, and just ready to dive in with both feet. I am quiting my full time job in August before I get started, and I have completed all but one of my pre-nursing classes. I only have human growth and develpment left. I don't plan on taking it in the fall. I am going to hold off on it until another semester. So I will start nursing school with only nursing classes to take. And also, if anyone knows, how much $$$$ am I going to be expecting to put up my first semester. I have applied for FA, but I don't know how much if any I will be getting.

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   greysanatomyfan
    I am in the third semester at CACC. I think with 195 points you should get in. I think I spent like $2000 or so the first semester because you gotta buy everything, i.e. stethoscope, Nursing Kit, books, etc. The best advice I can give you is: sit in the front of the class, don't be afraid to ask questions, make a few friends to have study groups with, be prepared, don't overstudy, get as much sleep as you can, expect to be a little freaked your first clinical(it's normal), practice your skills as often as you can, read as much as you can about whatever you are going over in class, do lots of NCLEX questions and allow some "me" time at least a few minutes a day. If you are focused, then you should do well. Also, expect to give up a lot of stuff. For the next two years, Nursing school is gonna be your life. Good Luck!! I do remember that I got my acceptance stuff the first week of July, so hopefully you will hear something soon.

    Best of Luck, lady3dd
  4. by   Cooper1
    I got in JSCC with a 195 points last summer but did not attend, I chose to go to CACC. I'm sure you will have no problem getting in. I got my letter the first week of July last summer.

    Good Luck!