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Can anyone give me some insight on the Akron institute's RN nursing program? (former grads, or currently enrolled students)

I know it is relatively new.

What are the credentials? :yeah:

What about tuition? :twocents:

What are the various start dates of the RN program?

How is the course work? Homework? Tests? Projects?

Are there both full time and part time programs?? What is the schedule like for students?

MOST importantly what are the teachers and faculty like? :nurse:



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ejacobs - I attended AI, but was only part of the 3rd class through! They are not completely accredited.

The length of the program, i.e., full-time or part-time, will depend on if you have completed your prerequisites or not. It was not initially full-time for me, and I continued to work, then had to drop to part-time work, then the last 6 months, I didn't work at all.

The program is tough, as it should be, but I thought the instructors were excellent. No one in my class had a tough time getting a job (that was 2 years ago), and we're all happy we have it behind us-LOL.

It was more expensive than Stark State, but the tuition includes all books, and no charge for parking. Plus, the parking is right outside the front doors...good in the winter. I'm not sure how often classes start now, I think it was twice a year when I went.

There is lots of homework, lots of tests (sometimes 2-3 week), and yes, there are projects. Don't let that stop you, that is the case will all schools-LOL. Everyone in my class became employed (that was 2 years ago), and that was before they were accredited!

Good luck, and I hope you begin your journey on becoming a nurse!


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Hello, this is my first post.. I wanted to add that AI has their Initial Accreditation. They have moved from being a Candidate to Initial. The next visit from NLNAC will be in 2015.

They are above the state average for students passing the NCLEX-RN as well. The passing average did slip 4% points from the previous year, but they are still above the state average.

I will be visiting AI tomorrow, so hopefully I will receive more information. I do know it is more expensive, so not sure if I want to spend that much now or just wait out for entry into a BSN program...

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Let me know how it goes melissa J, i visit thursday! :) and i have been visiting the acrreditation site almost daily! lol looking and hoping to see when they will become accredited and out of the candidate status soo thankkk youu!

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@lookuptosky great instructors is a very important factor for me when choosing a nursing school so i am VERY happy to hear that! By easily getting employment after graduation, do you mean in the akron area or even elsewhere? also how does scheduling of classes work? Is it flexible?

by full time do you mean you were in class mon-fri like 8-3pm? or?



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The visit takes about an 35 minutes or so. They want you to fill out some paperwork, application..

They will explain the program to you as well. The tuition is $37,400. If you have gen ed or science courses completed from previous education they should transfer as well. Then you can subtract $440 per credit hour that transfers.

You will also tour the building (campus).

It appears the clinical will likely be from 7-2:30 at Akron area hospitals and a nursing home in the area.

The books are included BUT you don't get to keep them for reference or sell them after the class.

The building did seem a bit quiet and small.. the tuition is a bit much. If I decide to go it will only be due to all my gen ed courses and science classes actually transferring there. Should save me quote a bit..

If there are typos I am sorry. I am posting while sitting in the car waiting in the car line at school..

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hmm it does seem like ALOT. well, let me know what you decide

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did u get to see the lab and simulated lab dummies?


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Yes.. the classrooms all have windows, so when you are in the hall you can see inside them. The lab was set up very similar to the one at Akron U, just a bit smaller scale.

IF my credits transfer I will only have around 38-45 credits to complete at AI.. Cross those fingers. The program is a 20 month (5 semester) program, the director told me that I should be done in 15 months, that would be wonderful and honestly WORTH it..Because then I could apply to Assoc. Applied Science-BSN-program at Akron U in Spring of 2013 for summer of 2013 session. Then graduate with a BSN in 2014. That would be my GOAL at least!!

I think I have read that you are in an LPN program now. How much is your program and how long and which one are you in?

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Does the previous college u attended have to actually send in your transcripts or can you bring in just a printed off copy of them? I'm at Akron school of practical nursing and that's 11 000

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I have like 30 credits from ursuline though but I'm paying off a balance there so I dnt think thy would officially send my transcripts


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You have to send in BOTH your high school transcript and any college transcripts. Actually the schools have to send them, you cannot take them in yourself.

Did you just begin at Akron Practical? When will you be finished?