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aide from hell


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I have had similar situations before pooh. Let me say, you need others that will back you up. You also need documentation of specific events, and need to talk to her the first couple of events (without any resolution or change in her behavior), preferably with three people (total) present. then you can go to the DOn, and go from there. Otherwise, it can just be considered harassment. So document, take ALL the steps, and then punt and boot if neccesary.


I would think that leaving a patient in a gown with the window open would be considered pt abuse????? sounds like a talk with the head of the nursing home is in order. In michigan the aides have to be 18 to work in a nursing home why is she working in your faulty-is it a vocational program threw the high school that she is coming threw or was she a direct hire??If it's threw the school all you have to do is call her instructor, if it's a direct hire, Run don't walk to the next higher up to talk with them about this because you are responsible for what happens on your shift especially if you are the charge person.Good Luck to You :]

You should definetly go to your DON with this one. So many new NA grads are so very, very young and are inexperienced. We are finding this type of attitude and plain ignorance with some of our new, young CMA grads as well ( I work in a clinic setting, si it's a bit different). I think it should be brought to your DON's attention so she can lay some firm ground rules and hopefully get her to agree to some further education within her profession. We had a similar prob with a CMA student working in urgent care who was not experienced, would not shadow anyone to learn the ropes, would not work under an experienced RN and who made plenty of possiblu harmful mistakes. She was given a trial period, which she failed to comply with, and was let go.

Best of Luck

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