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Hi everyone! I'm set to apply for registration to APHRA. I'm a nurse here in the Philippines and I'm interested to work in Victoria. I understand that registration to APHRA is the first step right? How long does it usually take before u get their decision letter? What does it usually say to a registered nurse applicant with more than 3 years experience in the Philippines?

I would really appreciate any input. I'm just starting with the whole process of trying to work abroad and need all the advise I can get. Thanks a lot.

Suggest you read the large thread that discusses this subject in the International forum where we ask that these type of questions are posted. The Australian/New Zealand forum like the Canadian, Philippine and UK are just for local nursing issues


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My registration took 3 weeks and i'm a kiwi. It wasn't all bad news from what i gather from the other grads they didn't do paperwork properly etc. Are you in Aus? I went into the officeit was much quicker. I wouldn't recommend doing the online enquiry form that was replied to after i got my registration


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HI Rach321,

Did you ever get your license from AHPRA. My application is being processed, I sent it in July 2011, I sent them everything they asked for, and I'm still waiting. Please let me know what worked for you- If you got in!


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@RN in USA. I got my registration from AHPRA.. currently in Sydney.. will start work tomorrow actually.. You need to call them!! THey take FOREVER! I submitted my application in march.. didnt hear anything .. called them in june.. they said it hadn't even begun to be processed yet.. but that they would move it along... then i was told i needed to get a letter from my high school stating I was taught and assessed in english.. and then submit an outline of all my coursework.. and i was approved.. the first week of august. Hope this helps. Where are you looking to work in Oz?


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Hi ,You mentioned apply for Pr directly could you please tell me how this work and where to begin ,thanks so much ...


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I submitted my documents last May 2012 then my LOE on the third week of June. Just over a month of waiting. I think it helps when one does a web inquiry every now and then about the status of your application.


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I submitted my AHPRA registration just this month (OCTOBER 2012). Its to Adelaide. If I do get the acceptance letter, can I find work somewhere else other than Adelaide? I was thinking of Melbourne.

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