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Hello everyone,

I am new in this forum. I have learned from a friend that i could learn alot from here. I am a new registered nurse from the Philippines. I am very interested to know the process for applying as a nurse in australia. I know that AHPRA is the new board which handles everything but I don't know where to start, what forms to accomplish and what requiremnts do i need?pls help me. thank you

Check out the international nursing board. You might get more answers there. There are a few Aussies that I'm aware of that post regularly on this forum.

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there is a thread on the Aussie form about this very thing

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Hi have you recieved the ahpra registration . it is 6 months since i have applied with ahpra and now they have asked me for a detailed course content . have anybody had any problems like this . can you send one or does it need to be certified .my course content is 200 pages. please help


My course content was a lot of pages as well but all you do is summarise your course content...I did mine on 1 and a half pages only...and you dont have to certify it coz it is done by you...hope this helps...goodluck

hi Itayi thanks for the reply.

My case worker has already confirmed that the course content needs to be attested and also need a certicicate stating that I had studied this course as part of my Nursing degree.

Has anyone been so unlucky?!!

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