Ah poo....JCAHO


As a few of you know I joined this forum not to long ago as I finally found a job as a nurse and felt I could contribute. But so far I've only had questions.

Tonight is no different!

I've been a nurse here for a couple (literally) weeks and JCAHO is here. Anyone have any tips from past experience?

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Step 1. Clock out

Step 2. Get in your car

Step 3. Drive

Step 4. Never return

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I'm surprised that your nursing managers give you more than a five minute break from hearing about what you should do. I work overnight and still hear about it endlessly ...but I tune out, so I'm not much help to you. Sorry!

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I guess I'm lucky in the fact they didn't visit my unit tonight. Apparently they decided to look over records and will be up tomorrow. Hopefully after that I'll still have a job! :o


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Well hopefully you work at my hospital because I'm off for the next three nights.

I had a 8 day lay off a few weeks ago and I came back to an email describing what they found. Was excited that I missed it...nope was I missed were the words from another facility in the system.