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Does anyone do agency nursing? I just started and was called in for about 2 weeks and now I have been getting cancelled everyday. I did receive a reply to connect to several agencies, but I don't want to overbook. Do you alternate days with different agencies in order to generate a decent income from this type of nursing?

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As an agency nurse you will be the first one cancelled. The reason why you are getting called off is, most likely, staff picked up the needed shift. With some places, this is very common.

Best sign up with multiple agencies so you can choose the assignments to avoid the places that tend to call you off frequently. Also, if something else comes up after you said you would work a particular facility that calls off a lot, you have the ability to cancel (within a given time frame prior to the shift) & go to a more reliable facility.

Once you have gone to a particular facility a few times & they seem to like you, you will find that they may go directly to you when they have openings in the schedule; or, may even offer you a local contract (which would guarantee you hours for a fixed period of time). At this point, your schedule becomes a bit more secure. It just takes some time & working with multiple agencies to acheive this.

If this lack of work is affecting you, you could also inquire with the agencies about local contracts.

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