1. What bugs me about orientating at a new facility is that they always want you to orient on day shift, I have been working night shift since 1980. Oh well, tomorrow morning I will give in and orient on daylight, eeek. Only one hospital let me orient on nights I just never understood why they don't orient you on the shift that you will work. Does anyone else have this experience?
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    New hires orient day shift and night shift so they know what the other shift is doing. Hopefully not so much antagonism. We try to run things like a 24 shift . . sometimes we are so busy that not everything gets done and hopefully the next shift can help pick up. And vice versa . . . if we understand where the other shift is coming from, the thinking is, the more understanding. Doesn't always work however . . . you would almost have to have the shifts switch once a year. Takes a teamwork concept and some people just don't do teamwork. Managing is hard . . .all those personalities. Yuck.
  4. by   graysonret
    In all the facilities I've worked at, only a few have asked that I come in and orientate. If I do, it's a chargeable trip...usually 2 hours. Most places ask that I take orientation, but by the time they get around to scheduling it, I've been there so long, there isn't any need. I usually end up reading and signing an "orientation sheet", during my shift, or the whole thing is ignored.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Usually I just do a quickie orientation...and I arrange to do it the hour or two immediately before my first night shift...then stay and work it.

    Unless the facility and the agency is willing to commit something to ME (contract type work, fair pay for my orientation time, etc) I don't bother with places that want me to do more than this....and at 1/2 or less pay. Not worth it to me personally.

    I understand there may not be many options in some areas, fortunately I can pick and choose some here.
  6. by   BadBird
    The orientation was as expected, learn their computer, shown the units, that's it. Quick and easy is the best.