Multiple Agencies?

  1. I read the thread about having two agency interviews. I've just been called by two, and while I'm waiting to come back from vacation before even taking it further, I was just wondering how to choose one. Both were recommended by current coworkers.

    The two agencies are Onward and Progressive. I know more people from Progressive around here.

    Is it possible to sign with two and just divide hospitals between them, (Work hospitals A&B through Agency A and hospitals C&D through Agency B) or is it best to stick with just one?
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  3. by   nightingale
    Quote from cyberkat

    Is it possible to sign with two and just divide hospitals between them, (Work hospitals A&B through Agency A and hospitals C&D through Agency B) or is it best to stick with just one?
    It is possible to sign with two and divide yourself between the two. Remember to be loyal to yourself with integrity. If one calls you for a shift, don't put them on hold and wait for a better deal from the other Agency. You may decide, after dealing with both that one stands out and you stay with them and use the other Agency (or Agencies) infrequently; this keeps your options open.

    Good luck to you and let us know how you make out.
  4. by   misschelei
    I just saw this thread. I'm so behind with Allnurses lately. I have 2 agencies. I like one more than the other so as a rule I use the preferred one for most of my shifts. I only use the other one when I am in a jam because they have a contract with an unpopular inner city hospital that always has shifts.
    It is very difficult to juggle multiple agencies without burning a bridge somewhere. It's kind of a gamble. When my prefered agency doesn't have anything and it starts to get down to the wire I put the call in to the other agency. But every now and again they both call at the same time and say "We have you confirmed." Then I have to tell one of them I can't do it.
    Some people use multiple agencies at the same hospital to avoid the overtime issue though many hospitals and agenices frown upon this.
    Hope this helps.
    it certainly is possible to work for multiple agencies. i've done it in the past...up to three different ones aside from my full-time job. ya just have to keep your schedules straight is all.

    the other thing to remember is when it come time for filing taxes, your tax broker might start charging you extra fee for having to file multiple w2 forms. plus...make sure each company will take-out enough in taxes! you don't want to find yourself owing money instead of expecting a refund. i personally claim zero exception & have my employers take-out an extra $25.00 per pay. i was taken by surprise one year...i worked a lot of overtime & had claimed five excemption...just because i was able to. i didn't realize i'd still have to pay that money until i'd filed for taxes the following year. what a shock that!!! i was expecting a $500.00 refund & got a bill for $300.00! needless to say...i fix that situation straight away. i've not owed for taxes since that one time...thx god .

  6. by   babynurselsa
    I have worked for up to 3 agencies in the past. I considered one my primary agency, they gave me the most steady work. I would commit certain days to them, I would then give the other 2 agencies other days, but I was very up front with first one who called with a shift got me. Funny enough the 2 other agencies didn't go to any of the same places so I had pretty much no problem with this.
  7. by   kitcat3968
    I presently worked part-time as staff, and for 2 agencies. They both contact me on Monday (so, Sunday night I figure my schedule for the week) and I give a couple days to one and a couple days to the other. I seems to work well for me. It still allows for scheduling flexability, varied assignments, etc. However, you MUST be able to keep a very current and accurate calendar. If needed, reserve Mon. and Tues. for one agency and Thurs. and Fri. for the other. This may help prevent any confusion. Cathy, RN, BSN - Cleveland