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I agreed to work ICU at a local rural facility. When I arrived for the first time, as usual 'nobody had time' to orient me properly (the norm) so I poked around and got my bearings. It was a 5... Read More

  1. by   Sheri257
    Question: What are your contractural requirements when you pick up an agency assignment like this? Especially if you're a traveller that's signed on for, let's say, three months.

    If the place is a disaster, do you have an option to get out of the assignment? Or, do you have to typically stick it out? How does this work?

  2. by   mattsmom81
    As for me, I don't do contracts. Just perdiem. so...if I don't like the place I literally never have to go back...BIIIGGG plus.
  3. by   nosonew
    Living in a small town and working in a rural hosp as a new grad...I quit after one year. I was the only nurse on the floor (dayshift) with 15 patients and one tech. In the first hour I had assessed most of my patients, and found one with 4 resp per minute (night shift nurse upped the morphine on the pump and didn't realize patient was hitting the button FREQUENTLY), another patient that was unresponsive with a bs of 22, and a patient post colon resection who's incision had completely opened during the night! I called house super requesting immediate assistance, and she told me she would "get to it after her breakfast!" I started grabbing doctors as they walked in to do rounds and made them deal with what I couldn't do immediately (I had 3 patients who needed IMMEDIATE attention - and I am ONLY ONE person!) So, after the day from hell, I gave my notice at the end of the shift. *I also admitted 6 patients, dismissed 4, send one (colon) to ICU, who was later shipped out.

    Oh, and house supervisor showed up to "help" 2 hours after I had called her. Then she tried to bite my head off because an IV med had been given 45 minutes late. Luckily, one of the docs was still there, and he took her head off.

    I was also told that the "acuity" was fine, as there were 5 nurses working that day. I was like, "WHAT?" ...apparently they were counting the worthless HS, the nurse educator, DON, and infection control nurse...who were all in dress clothes, holed up in their offices. How can they be counted anyway????? URGH!

    Anyway, just thought your post was too on the mark! Hope all is much better now! *And I realize this post is old, but oh so true!

    When I gave my notice, all 3 of those doctors offerred me a job.