How Do You Go About Switching agencies?

  1. I am in the process of switching agencies. How do you go about letting the other agency know you are going to another one without burning your bridges?

    PS the one I am switching to is offering travel/housing expenses even though I live where my assignments are. The one I am leaving does not, but I still want them as a backup for per diem work.:
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  3. by   raiderron
    I am in the process of choosing an agency to work for. I had some great advice that I think will help me. Chose 2 agencies to sign up for. You can always find the town or facility that you want to work for. If you continue to work hard, the first agency will continue to want you back. Always treat each agency with respect and dignity just as we should all companies and all people that you work with. Several of the ladies that I work with have initially asked the same question as you have. This is the advice they gave me. Hope it helps you.
  4. by   nightingale
    I do not think I am an expert. But have been there with my per diem position. All my agencies know I have other agencies that I work for. Some know what I am truly after (more moeny etc) so never ask. This is business.. business is about work conditions, money, etc...

    Just be honest, forthright, and business like. Keep it simple.

    You owe nothing beyond your commitment time. Do not be surprised when the first agency "suddenly offers you what this new agency offers you.

    Good luck and let us know how you made out!

  5. by   live4today
    It's actually a very smart and wise thing to sign up with more than one agency just in case one of those agencies can't provide you with sufficient hours of work. As for travel nurse companies, sign up with several, and take the job that fits you best. Those companies are use to that type of competition anyway, and you don't owe them any apologies for which one you choose to travel with at any given time. Being a travel nurse in the first place is all about being able to work as autonomously as possible. So go for what suits you! :kisses
  6. by   lori999
    Thanks guys for your help. I appreciate your advice.
  7. by   memern
    I am thinking about becoming a traveler. Any advice out there for me? I found so many agencies to chose from and need some help weeding through them. I am trying to research this so that I can hopefully start in the mid fall.
  8. by   Teshiee
    I work for two registries. You tell them what can they do? You are entitle to work for anyone you want. I worked with 3 and gave them my availbility. There seems to be always one that serves my needs better. Until you voluntarily resign they will assume you are still working for them. After I finish school I would like to do some traveling nursing. It is very nice I hear.
  9. by   kookiepumpkin
    I had only one travel assignment in the city where I live, thats why I chose that particular agency, to check out the local hospital. I had to break my contract due to a unexpected health problem. I lost my benefits after that and was glad that I had kept up my COBRA benefits from my previous employer. So in the future, that's how I'll select my next traveling agency.

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