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I have worked agency for about 4 months and am not sure how to best handle this situation. When I first started with my agency, I was offered more hours than I could handle every week. They knew... Read More

  1. by   Brita01
    Originally posted by teeituptom
    give it up and go straight staff

    And if we did that, who would post in the Agency Nurses Forum?
  2. by   nightingale

  3. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by Brita01
    And if we did that, who would post in the Agency Nurses Forum?

    Ditto also to Nightngale's reply... hehe! :kiss
  4. by   Shiraz
    Straight staff???

    My response to this comment may take several posts.
  5. by   eddy
    (sniff, sniff)
    I smell an agency hater..... hehe....
  6. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    I'm glad you got things worked out. If there is someone at the agency you can work thru other than the guy with the '"tude" , I would recommend going that route. Also, I think it was a good idea on your part to talk to the head of your agency--you shouldn't have to put up with anybody's harrassment.

    Brita, thanks for clueing us all in on some of the unethical tactics agencies use (such as scheduling you without your knowledge than cancelling you! ). I had gotten a call from my agency some day last week and my "coordinator" told me that there was no time at "XXX Hospital" and I was like "HUH?! I never expressed interest in going there!" I didn't worry about it b/c I figured she might realize her mistake if the person who really was looking for hours at that particular hospital called her back to ask about available time there. However, if I get another call like that, I plan to call back and set the record straight! For all I know, they were scheduling me and then perhaps cancelling me, tainting my name with that hospital!

    Finally, I would advise anybody new to agency, if you have to cancel a shift, call BOTH the agency and the hospital! One time I had to cancel a shift due to illness and my coordinator at the time called me the next day and was like "The hospital wants to know where you are, why aren't you at work?" I told her that I had called the previous night to cancel d/t illness. I'm a bit disenchanted with my agency, not just b/c of that, but also b/c they are generally disorganized. However, I hope to get a full-time NP job soon, so I'm just biding my time for now

    Newly minted MSN
  7. by   eddy
    I don't suggest calling the facility on your own. Most agencies I have run into strictly forbid this, and can terminate an employee for calling the facility just once without permission from the agency.

    Of course, if they were doing THEIR job, you wouldn't have to, but don't give them leverage.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    In the past I have occasionally had select facility staff call me at home to beg me to come in for a late call.....but it's been OK'd prior...and I always called my agency pronto.

    But I imagine some agencies would frown on this. My old agency didn't mind and we were all pretty close (and nurse owned) so there was trust.

    Too bad they closed down...I miss em!

    My current agency bombarded me with a dozen calls while I was sleeping one day...accusing me of not submitting a time slip they were afraid I'm accepting cash from facilities or something?? LOL!

    They had canceled the shift and forgot to enter it in the computer.

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