Dealing with nosey nurses - page 4

I recently signed in as an agency nurse in a hospital after a year do other things outside from hospital nursing and why is it that after x5 mins of meeting the incoming nurses.or any... Read More

  1. by   Kooky Korky
    Quote from jahra
    Set limits, ask them a ton of questions since you are the
    guest, agency nurse.... ask questions relating to you
    doing a great job while working this facility.
    Then, as Caliotter states above think generic for answers.

    You are so lucky, because being agency you can keep moving...
    to another assignment.

    Take away message-you owe them no explanation of your hours,
    agency etc... be a stealth nurse, arrive, do your job,depart the
    airspace. If you set limits with your behavior, they will get the hint..
    and if not, be direct.
    It might not hurt to think the best of other workers unless they give you reason to think otherwise.

    Don't go in expecting trouble. So often, we get what we expect, so expect good people and good experiences.

    Sometimes being friendly is actually advisable.