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Last night was the 3rd nite in a row I got cancelled. My agency checked with them during the day and they said I would not get cancelled last night. How do you guys handle frequent cancellations?... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    I guess we got a bit OT, but boy....some nursing assistants can be so manipulative sometimes, can't they! That type figures 'this is 'just' an agency nurse so I can get buy with stuff.."

    I worked a whole shift at a new facility once (booked a double) before I even KNEW I had an aide who was supposed to be doing vitals and helping answer lights... she just helped the 'regulars'...GRRRR.

    I never went back and made it clear why. 'Course the staff nurses played into this problem as not including this info into the 'flash' orientation I got...
  2. by   Shell7280
    I've gotten cancelled every shift except one in the last five weeks!!! i've told them I'll go to other facilities, but they said 'it's slow time" . My rent and car payments don't understand this concept (or my fiance!) i've gone this week to sign up with two other agencies, but on a normal basis I love my current agency and facilities I go to! I hope things pick up!
  3. by   agencynurse
    I work for three agencies in a rural area and have been canceled a whole lot lately. Every year after the new grads take jobs, agency work gets slow until these new nurses find their desired positions. This year, the slump has lastest longer than I ever remember(I've worked agency for almost 20 years). Who knows what the outcome for agency nurses will be. I do know that I've never seen moral so low in regular employees and agency as I've witnessed in the last couple of years!
  4. by   mattsmom81
    You're right about the morale, Agencynurse. I'm on prn staff as well as my agency and it is sure not getting better is it. There is kind of a every man for himself attitude out there. Can't blame us really.

    The young nurses come out of school with their pie in the sky ideals and then reality hits 'em square in the face. No wonder so many bail today...
  5. by   lpn3324
    The biggest problem I have with agency nursing right now is the lack of work other, than at the correctional facilities,it is very hard to get placed in a hospital as an LPN if you are not IV certififed.When I graduated from my practical nursing program back in the dark ages,we were not IV certififed unless the facility you worked in chose to do it. Right now I am signed up with three agencies and have only worked one shift in three weeks. I would love to find out about travel nursing.
  6. by   PhePhe
    I am tired of being treated like crap or a "rent-a-nurse". We nurses are our own worst enemy. Some staff nurses aren't even civil to you, and of course try to stick you with the worst patients even if its your first day there. I have ran into so many sorry a$$ nurses in my travels, it is scary. We must collectively act like professionals if we want to demand a professional salary.

    I have now taken a pool position at a major teaching hospital in behavioral health. The difference in rates compared to the agency rate is only $3,$2, and $1 less on days/evenings/nights.
  7. by   rn 2b lnc
    Yeah, I've been cancelled 4 times in the last week. I'm just starting out in agency nursing, and I don't really want to go work for a specific facility again, where you can't avoid being involved in the internal conflicts. Think I'll start playing the Lottery...
  8. by   mattsmom81
    You guys should look into short term contracts ...renewable.

    I know lots of nurses who now prefer this route...they get their hours guaranteed for a time, then can move on if they wish.
  9. by   BarbPick
    I had the feeling that my agency was lying to me. They would tell me the hospital had my name and I was booked.
    I got a call from one of the people I used to call and give my availability to. She had left because she got tired of lying to all the nurses. She told me all the work is actually done 3 hours before the shift. No one's name was given a head of time unless the hospital wanted to book that particular nurse a head of time.
    I took my first travel contract, and I start tomorrow night. I have to drive 2 counties away north, but I could drive the same distance south and still be in my county, Miami Dade County. I won't be cancelled, if I am, I get paid.
  10. by   schoolnurse/dr
    Low morale, everyone out for themselves, and the new grad concept of that's not MY job!, are all reasons I've left hospital nursing. I was doing agency for nursing homes for awhile, that's even worse. The "in charge" person was agency herself. One place had 7 callins on a weekend- I was the charge person, and the aides totally disappeared. I was the only one on the floor. I never went back there. The other facility was so tight you couldn't even find a pen. I was the only one working there, I put up with it for a while, but then it got too depressing. The mistakes in charting meds, or not charting meds was unbelievable, and the DON changed 4 times in less than 6 months. I feel sorry for the old people, but you can only take so much. I would love to get out of nursing all together.
  11. by   pabrid
    I worked full-time for the last 6 years up until 4-5 months ago. The last 4 years were in the E.D. and I was truly tired of the understaffing and hospital politics, so I decided to work through the registry. I figured that I could work my own schedule and make more money, and I could pay for my own health insurance. Well, neededless to say, the nursing registry was always calling me for shifts when I was working full-time, but when I started doing only registry, work slowed down. They told me that since it was summer, there were low hospital censuses. It started off not so good, but in the last two months work has really picked up and I now can work as much as I want. I am signed up with a total of three agencies and they all have a lot of work. I also work per diem for a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility which really pays well and the work is not difficult. The problem is that now I really need to return to work full-time to get benefits. So I'm now trying to make a decision about what I want to do. I just got my BSN in August so I'm leaning toward doing public health nursing and just doing registry on weekends.
  12. by   cadeusus2004
    Here's how I work it: First, I expect it. I stay ready for a shift, especially if its a short call.
    Second, because we do make a lot more money than the people who work on "Maggie's Farm", I have a savings account to fall back on. I've been cancelled entire weeks, to I'm ready.
    I use two agnecies to compete for me. I have no exclusivity contracts and each agency seems to understand.
    I overbook myself. I know I will get cancellations and adjust to it.
    Those are my off shifts. I just keep my regular operating schedule.
    I don't rotate and I don't do OT and I don't do changeovers. Period. the agency works for me, not I for them. (Used to be a travelling musician. Works just the same.)
    I budget. I know how much I need every week and every month and stay ahead on my bills.
    And, if an agency cancels me too much, doesn't give me work or tries to play games with me, I go to a new one. Its a professional relationship, pure and simple. Nothing personal.
    I have one more rule: Even if my agency has a contract with the place and it cancels too often, its not good business. I just refuse to go back. I'm not making any money and my agency isn't either. Tell them to get a new client.
    Finally, when I work at a place I schmooze them like crazy and make good relationships and have a great attitude- like I'm not there to upset their routine. Sometimes I'll bring in coffee for the crew. Worth the small change. If they like me they will ask me back. If not, screw 'em. I work for me, not them. I also get to know the administration so they will remember me when they need help.
    Preparation, a little politics, a little good will, a lot of reliability.
    Self employment in its purest form.
    So, don't worry about cancellations. They need you more than you need them. And if they don't play right, move on.
    Fortunately, I have great agencies who feed me right.
  13. by   barefootlady
    I was really considering doing agency nursing until I read the posts on this board. I need to work, I need to get myself busy and make some money. I want to avoid the politics that I do not play too well. I had hoped that there was a good agency out there and good money to be made. I guess I will have to check into travel nursing.