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I have been an agency nurse for about 2-3 months now, before I was staff. At first I was working 2-3 days a week, then I was called off for over 2 weeks, then I signed on with a second agency... Read More

  1. by   cursenurse
    Quote from rasberryblonde
    Thanks to all of those who replied. Actually I have been in touch with the agency on a daily basis, I usually work 7p-7a, any day of the week, In fact I have even offered to work 3-11 and even in nursing homes or whatever is available. I am just very frustated at this point and don't know if I should give it some time or start looking for a staffing job (It seems that even though the difference in pay, at least with staffing, work is almost guaranteed.) In fact after the first agengy was cancelling I signed on with a 2nd (which hasn't helped) and am debating about a 3rd. How many agencies do most of yall work through, how do you manage giving each equal time?
    i have signed on with so many agencies i cant take the time to count. whenever one gets slow i get with another one. it's not about giving them equal time, you have to go with who is offering you the hours.i agree with the other posters that agency is definitely feast or famine, so it may be good to at least go on staff at one or two places as contingent so that you can get more hours.

    agency is good to work while you're in school, but things are really getting slow. i personally am going on staff because i cannot take the stress of wondering how i am going to make ends meet working maybe 8-16/hr a week. hope it picks up for you.
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    I have not worked all week either; last evening I get a panicked call for last night shift and this PM. I usually choose to NOT work last minute (unless the hourly is dramatically increased) but will do so tonight. Also got another call, from another Agency to work this weekend. So, I will have my three 12's in.

    Hopefully next week I will not get scheduled so last minute. Currently, I have three Agencies I use regularly. I am ALWAYS up to talking to and negotiating with others. All of my Agencies do this (they have more than one nurse too) and I am very above board. Whoever calls me first (if it is the same facility) gets me first. I am fortunate sometimes to have two different PRN options to ponder for the same time frame.

    Good Luck and let us know how you are doing.

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