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Hi there!! I have come across many inspirational stories. I am needing advice on the NCLEX. I have finished nursing school for a couple of months now. I work full-time, full-time mom to four daughters and live a very hectic life (as most people do). In the meantime, I really dislike my current job and would like to begin working in the nursing field (which is my passion), but I am scared to death when it comes to taking this evil NCLEX! I have a lot of anxiety due to taking this test because I am not a good test taker:banghead:. I would like some feedback examples on having a study plan. Do I need to read ALL of the books that I have page per page or just take practice test and go over the questions in other words just memorize the questions? Currently the books that I have are the following: LaCharity Practice Questions (only), NCLEX Cram Book, Kaplan Books and online review and Lippincotts Book:bookworm:.


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I would do a chapter of PDA & a chapter in another book. Read the rationales and take a break.


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Don't be scared. It's just a test. A test that you can take over and over again until you pass!! :-)

Figure out what works for you. Give yourself a schedule and stick to it.

I studied several hours per day for the past 4/5 weeks and took it today with the good pop up! :-)

I did HURST and Saunders review book.

There is a 35 page study guide that I looked over and went to the CDC website to make sure I knew infection control inside and out.

Good luck to you.

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