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Affordable way to get titers pulled for nursing school?


Does anyone know of an affordable way to get titers pulled for some of the Immunizations needed for nursing school like MMR or Hep B? I've called various clinics (included community/public health clinics) and either they don't offer that service or they quote me at $400+ for the tests and the doctor's visit to get the order for tests. I'm sure many people on here have gone thru this. Does anybody have any suggestions on a cheaper way to get this done (specifically in Houston or San Antonio if possible)?

Do you have to get the titer or can you just get the vaccines again? The county health dept has all of those vaccines for $20/piece (at least they do here in Denton). Might just be cheaper to get revaccinated and get it on an immunization card while you are at it. Plus all of the kids are back in school now so there probably won't be any lines for the immunizations.

volunteer at a hospital. They pull it for free and vaccinate you with whatever you are missing too..you will have to volunteer however; it is awesome experience! :yeah:

My doctor told me maybe the insurance company would pay for it on his order. It worked. They would have been $1100 out of pocket, I paid for nothing. So, if you have health insurance, ask your doctor to try to get the insurance to pay and see what happens.


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I also had my doc pull them and my insurance covered it. I'm not sure what she coded it as, but it worked.

I had vaccinations done rather than titers. Much cheaper.

If you received any of these vaccinations previously and you remember where you had them done, the provider should be able to verify dates. Ditto for actually having any of the diseases, if you saw the doc and that doc is still in business.

Also, try the school health dept. That's were I had my vaccinations done. They may also recommend vacs over titers.

Best wishes.

Depending on the immunization, the titers will be cheaper. For my chickenpox titer, I went through a company in Houston called yourhealthlab.com and got my IgG titer for $20. The vaccination itself was $100 at the City of Houston's public health department. Anylabtestnow.com was another place I looked at - doesn't require a doctor's visit and you get your results in a week or so. I went with the first company because it was closer to my house. You could try calling to get pricing.