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I have a question about where to look for an affordable drug reference book. A classmate referred me to Lippincott's Drug Reference for Nurses because at some point they were offering free drug books by emailing the publishing company for information about their material; however, after coming to a dead end, I wanted to reach out to some colleagues. Does anyone have any information about Lippincott specifically or any other publisher offering something similar relating to their drug reference books? and if not, what are some affordable book sites that offer gently used books for a decent price?

Thank you so much in advance!:geek:

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Do you not have required text books? Everything in my program is dictated, down to the reference books.


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Yes we do. The only requirement for Pharmacology was the textbook and physical assessment handbook. I need a drug book for reference while learning drugs for clinical and tests.


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This is great thank you! Are there any similar sources for drug guides, reference books with drugs for nurses?

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Nope. You can buy cheap books on or on Craigslist and if you cant then Google is your friend use it wisely.

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Amazon. Look for a current drug book and get the previous version used. They don't usually change much. There might be new drug not in there but the chances are you will not need to reference them.

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I really like Davis Drug Guide for Nurses. By FA Davis. 14th edition

ISBN 0803639767EDITION 14th edition ISBN-13 9780803639768 PUB. DATE June 2014 PUBLISHER F. A. Davis Company


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Davis Drug Guide is great. I found the cheapest price was on Amazon. I sold my 13th ed and got the 14th, which I still use as a nurse.