My journey to becomming an Aesthetic Nurse

  1. HI everyone!!!! Hope you are all well

    So I have 4 years LPN experience and 1 year RN. I was also a CNA for a short time before LPN school. Most of my nursing career so far has been corrections- which I sort of stumbled upon but do not want to stay long term. I have always been interested in skin care, I make my own scrubs, do my own peels etc. I have decided I am going to go into aesthetic nursing no matter what!!! I applied at a few derm places last week, and was looking at Ideal Image to get my foot into the door. My ultimate goal would be to work someone where I am able to build up my own cliental doing Botox, fillers etc. I have seen a few adds for CMA/LPN/RN at some dermatology clinics near me. It scared me a little because if they are going to hire either a CMA, LPN, or RN do to the same job I am pretty sure the hourly wage will be low, but if that is what I have to do to gain experience I will.

    Wish me luck! I will try to post updates.
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  3. by   socalnurse25
    Hi Riotgrrrl, I am currently looking to transition into the aesthetic nursing as well but do not have experience in that particular field. If you have any info about what you have done to make yourself more marketable for this field, please let me know if you can, would be helpful. looking forward to your current updates on your journey and best of luck :-)
  4. by   Hailey_
    How is your search going? I know out here in southern CA, most places want one year of experience doing injectables, so maybe it would help to work for less pay to get the experience. Out here I have never heard of ma's or lvns doing injectables...only RN's, NPs or PA's.
    My goal is also aesthetic nursing so I definitely appreciate any feedback or tips that you have!
  5. by   Icooka4u
    What is a CMA?
  6. by   bean514
    Certified Medical Assistant I believe.

    In PA it looks like a lot of place don't just hire RNs to do injectables.

    I am currently working on my NP and would like to focus in aesthetics. I am currently finding it difficult to find a job in aesthetics also