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  1. are there any aesthetic nurses out there that have figured a way to contract themselves out??? travel aesthetics nursing, now there's a thought...
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  3. by   BotoxRN
    Just found this site & can't believe the number of different threads there are. Hopefully you will get this. I just started doing independent contracting. I have been an injector for over seven years & am a national trainer & decided I was tired of not making more $$$. I found a couple of Drs. I had trained & talked to them about seeing their patients - they have a medspa but don't really want to do any injections. I am seeing their people along with seeing my patients there too. I have also got three other Drs. who I've trained that I am doing the same thing with. The problem with doing injections at a salon or spa is you have to know the laws in your state. I am in Kansas & we have to have a Dr. within 5 minutes. Also, insurance is a problem. I am able to be under the Drs. insurance because I am in their office. If you are in other places you probably won't be covered.

    Hope this helps. Keep me posted of what you find out.
  4. by   injector1
    Hello Botox RN,

    It's great that you started doing independent contracting! I've been contracting since the middle of Jan and overall loving anything it's got it's pros and cons. I too am covered for malpractice under my docs. It was great how I stumbled into it and am making more than what I have been as long as we stay busy...
    How in the world do you manage working at all of the different locations and docs? Do you have set days for certain locations with set time frames? I've been thinking about picking up other locations, but it seems a bit difficult since the place that I'm currently at expects me to pick up more hours the busier they get.
    It seems like being a national trainer would help tremendously with networking as well...
  5. by   BotoxRN
    Hi injector1,

    I just got back from working with a Dr. in Louisiana & saw about 70 patients in 3 days! I made more money in 3 three days than I would have in 2 months working at my old place. I am scheduling set times with all of my Drs. but they are wanting more time plus I have people wanting training so it is getting crazy

    I have a non-compete at my old office & it says I can't see any of my patients for a certain time period. I am getting referrals from several people so it is helping to build my own place. Eventually I hope to just work in my own place & my Dr. in LA who I love & won't give up.

    Glad you are enjoying being on your own. What kind of compensation plan do you have worked out with your Drs? I do a percentage of the gross I bring in & work as a 1099 employee, that way I can write off all of my travel & other expenses.

    Good luck with expanding your business. I am going to Vegas for a meeting next week so I will check back in next week!
  6. by   PJ rn
    I have been rifted once again for the second time in two years. I make too much money (24 years as a nurse) and am really tired of not having more control of my existence. My husband does not work, so that leaves me. I am changing to the aesthetic field and need some advice. I have a lot of advanced procedures experience, debridements, etc but do not know how to get started. The training is very expensive. Are there physicians who will train you if you work with them for a specified time? What would you suggest as training? Thanks
  7. by   PJ rn
    I would love to know how to contract out as well.
  8. by   PJ rn
    If you ever want to expand, I'm a great student and interested in being trained. I live by Tulsa.
  9. by   BotoxRN
    Hi PJ,

    In regards to Dr.s training you, some might but in my experience alot of them aren't that great & could use some help themselves! Alot of derms & plastics don't let their RNs do any of the injections. I am a national trainer & I am amazed at the number of great RNs are out there that have a great aesthetic eye but the docs don't want to give up control. If you could get in with medi-spa then you might have a better chance of getting to do injections. I will say that being in aesthetics is about sales as much as it is taking care of people. Most nurses aren't good at asking people to spend $1000 on their face, but if you have the personality it comes naturally.

    I don't know what the laws are in OK so you might check. I have a patient who is an aesthetician & is going to be moving to OK & she wants me to train her on Botox & fillers. I think only RNS & above should be injecting but for some reasons some states don't think it that important In MO they are getting ready to pass a law that you have to be a nurse to inject That will keep me from training people who shouldn't have a needle in their hands!

    Let me know how else I can help you. I am going to Vegas tomorrow for a meeting for RNs & aestheticians in the field. It is a fabulous place to learn about new products & procedures & get to see live patient demos by some of the best Drs. in the country. To learn more you can go to the website.
  10. by   PJ rn
    Thanks for the info, I would love to attend. Maybe next year. I have a couple of mds who are interested in changing specialties, so to speak, they are fed up with other people controling their money, ie reimbursement, etc and I think are ready to make a change.

    They have the md license and the money, myself and another nurse could be most of the clinical part. We have a great reputation in the state as above and beyond nurses; how do I convince them to put time (some) and money into something they are not familiar with.

    I have been educating them for the last couple of months and have set up a video conference about the industry with some other physicians who have switched specialties. Do you think this will be enough, or could I do anything to move it along?


    pj rn
  11. by   injector1
    Hi BotoxRN,

    Wow 70 pts in 3 days?!?!?! That's unheard of!! Talk about having a back to back schedule! Sounds exhausting, but well worth it!! I would love to have clientele lined up like that! :bowingpur I'm impressed! Did you have an event?

    I work straight commission, so I take a percentage off of the gross as well and work as a 1099. I think I need to find a good CPA to head me in the right direction with tax deductions. I'm keeping everything on file for write offs, but I've been told two different things about keeping track of mileage.

    Contracting has been more lucrative for me compared to working open to close hours at an hourly, or booked and non-booked rates. It's great going into work only when I have clients scheduled and leaving when I'm done! I lucked out with this place and I'm not bound by any type of contract.

    I make more selling laser packages b/c I get a larger cut, but I love injecting. There is an artistry in applying injectables and I get greater satisfaction performing those types of treatments vs. lasers. Don't get me wrong I do like lasering, but there is so much more to injecting.

    I would totally agree with your comment about RN's having an artistic eye and some docs not wanting to give up control. I've also found truth in the comment about aesthetics being just as much about sales as it is about taking care of clients. A lot of times you've either got it or you don't. Injecting can be learned, but you have a greater successful outcome and it's a lot easier when you have a natural ability/artistic eye. I have worked with people that force the learning process, become too technical, and don't know what they're looking at--I would not let them inject me!

    I'm glad that things are getting crazy for you!! Busy is good especially right now! Hope you're enjoying Vegas!!
  12. by   PJ rn
    Hi everyone!

    I believe that in OK you can only inject if you are an RN; how would I find out for sure?
  13. by   BotoxRN
    Hi Pj,

    You should be able to call the Board of Nursing. In KS & MO you don't have to be an RN, but I have heard they are getting ready to change that
  14. by   BotoxRN
    Hi injector1,

    Just got back from Vegas this afternoon from an aesthetic meeting. It was awesome as usual. Most of the people who go are RNs or aestheticians that work for plastics. I learn so much & it is great talking to other people who do the same thing. Next year it is in Washington, DC. Any of you in the business it is a very worthwhile meeting.

    As far as my 70 pts. it was all in the office except the Dr. had a Botox party at a boutique but we only saw about 16 people together. Next time I'm going for 4 days so they don't kill me

    I am will be getting together with my accountant soon about all of this stuff. I think you should be able to write off mileage or car payment. I will see what he says.

    I agree about the lasers. In the palce I used to work I made 25% on lasers, but I got kind of tired of doing them. I like doing the injectables too as it is much more satisfying! I also love being able to come & go as I please.

    Keep up the good work