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Hi all-- I am really interested in the medical aesthetics thing--botox, stuff like that. Anybody know where I can get trained? I live in Colorado, by the way. THANKS :p... Read More

  1. by   sirI
    pbrookes, how about post here what you've discovered?
  2. by   jrock17
    pbrookes, I can't PM bc I'm a newer member. I can receive, but not send :-/ I would love to hear your story and appreciate your time and response.

    Thank you !!
  3. by   kcgosty
    I am so pleased to find this thread. I started at the initial comment and see how so many are interested at the same time others have struggled. As most RN/NPs are aware, most of the struggles are around physician:nurse relationships and the regulating boards of each state. I want to be free of physicians...UNLESS I am the one hiring them!
    I am a family nurse practitioner with 28 years of experience. I have seen most rashes, referred many to specialists for lesion removal that were melanoma or squamous/basal cell cancers. I know the signs and symptoms of skin rashes, lesions and changes with most chronic illnesses. I do feel that education is VITAL.
    I also am fortunate to live in Colorado when NPs are now independent providers. I am going to take a very intensive training program at the National Laser Institute in Nov 2010. It is pricey, but I get certification in all areas AND CEUs. My education and the CEU courses should facilitate a career. Also all tax deductable for me.
    I am going to look into small business loans for some financing to get started.
    I will work part-time as an FNP while my practice grows. I also am prepared to travel to another city in CO, or use my compact license ability and go to another state for experience. KCgosty
  4. by   jk82
    Does anyone know if an asthetic nurse can work under a dentist in the state of Michigan?
  5. by   RosesRN
    Hello! I am wondering if Botox and Dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm can be administered by a Registered Nurse in Maryland or Delaware, with or without a medical director?

    Ideally I would love to have a side business on this....the MBON website is difficult to get answers from.

    Thank you so much!
  6. by   jahra
    You need to contact the BON directly on this. I would not suggest
    working as an aesthetic nurse in the medical aspect like Botox injections
    without the direct supervision of an MD. In some states you need to
    also be a licensed Aesthetician to do some of the skin care related
    treatments. In addition, many states are limiting who can provide
    Laser treatments for skin issues.

    This is why you need to write of call the BONs for direction on scope of
    practice for nurses in medical esthetics in the respective states.

    There are medical esthetic programs offered for aestheticians
    and many of the participants are nurses . Some of the courses are
    taught by nurse/aestheticians.
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  7. by   RosesRN
    I just spoke with the board of nursing in Maryland and Delaware...Maryland has legislation that is approved but is waiting to be signed by the new Secretary to take effect that would allow RNs to do botox and dermal fillers with a physician present. Delaware already allows RNs to do those injections, but again, with a physician present.

    I am contacting a few doctors I know that do plastics and have a medispa to see if they will train me.
  8. by   RosesRN
    Hello everyone!

    I found an MD who runs a med-spa near the Delaware and Maryland border who offers hands on training for botox and dermal fillers. She charges, but from what I have heard from everyone, hands on training is better than a paper certification.

    Nurses in Maryland will soon be able to do injectables, in Delaware they already allow it. But you have to work in the same office as an MD.
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  9. by   SuellenRN
    I received my Botox/Dermal Filler training with ASAMP ( it was a 2 day hands-on training seminar. Highly recommend it!
  10. by   sharonshiatsu
    Are you still in the other business you spoke about in 03? Can you tell me more about it? Thnx!
  11. by   mharrah
    Do any of you aesthetic nurses do sclerotherapy? Do you do it under a physician's supervision? Are RN's able to order hypertonic saline solution for sclerotherapy, or does it require a physician to order it? I do chemical peels and microdermabrasion, but I need to add other services. I was thinking I could do sclerotherapy since I'm already familiar with it. Does anyone have any other ideas for services I would learn/add to my menu?
  12. by   diane0419
    I am an RN, BSN in Tennessee. Unemployed, and single mom of 2. Paid for certification in Botox/Dermal fillers in July, and have certificate. Have applied everywhere in my Tennessee area, plastics, derms, FP, spas. No interview or anything. Any advise from anyone please?
  13. by   Ashley2011
    Such an interesting discussion ladies!
    I'm an ICU nurse in Houston, TX... I am extremely interested in aesthetics and would love to get my foot in the door! Are there any experienced ladies in the field from the Houston area? Would it be possible to shadow you/volunteer my help to learn? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.