Aesthetic Nurse Salary

  1. Can anyone tell me how much an Aesthetic/ Esthetics Nurse makes an hour/ year, according to experience?


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  3. by   BooBooMS,RN,BSN
    bumping this up. anyone??
  4. by   jenrninmi
    I'd like to know also. I always thought it might be a fun position. How do you get into that profession and do they hire RNs?
  5. by   cotyan
    I looked into this for the state of GA and CA and the pay was very low, the top pay around $12 an hour in CA. Some plastic surgeons would hire nurses to do chemical peels but what RN would take such a low pay cut? They wouldn't let the aesthetic nurses do the chemical peels or laser surgeries because of insurance issues. (spoke to several dermatologists and cosmetic derms too)
  6. by   Doodles NP
    It really depends on what it is you want to do. Do you see yourself as the circulating nurse in the OR in a Plastics office? Or being a chaperone in the room following up surgical cases, suture removal, preop consultations. Anything in a Privates office will pay less than lets say the Plastics dept in a teaching hospital. In NY, aesthetic Derms and Plastic surgeons hire esteticians to do their peels. I am an NP and have my own Aesthetics practice. I do injectables, like fillers and Botox, sclerotherapy and peels. I think an exciting position for an RN would be to work in a medispa as the professional who oversees OSHA standards and Hippa compliance; manage customer service issues, be both medical and business minded. Larger medispa and destination spa/ hotels have these kinds of positions.
  7. by   9janurse
    doodles please could you pm me , im trying to sort of shadow a nurse in NY in this field for a day or two, i am in nursing school currently .
  8. by   a4432
    interesting.. but i know that American Laser Centers all over the U.S. will hire new grad NP's (FNP) and train them starting at 40/hr.
  9. by   morama
    ok so anyone know what difference is between NP and RN?
  10. by   morama
    hey whats difference between NP and RN?
  11. by   Bortaz, RN
    An NP is an advance practice RN.

    NP: Nurse Practitioner.
    RN: Registered Nurse.
  12. by   JRD2002
    I think they meant what is the difference in pay between a NP and a RN that do the same work.
  13. by   Bortaz, RN
    Perhaps. However, that's not what they asked.
  14. by   Babs0512
    NP can prescribe medications, and MEDICALLY diagnosis patients while working under a Doctor. The wages vary greatly depending up what type of area you work in and WHERE you work. Probably a starting salary of 70 to 100,000 dollars would be in the ballpark. There are areas, like NY city where they would make considerably more. In NY, you have to have a Master's degree to be an NP.