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advise please

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Am in Georgia but a foreign trained nurse trying to get my license. Long story short, my wife and I get into an argument about the people she was texting on her Fon,10 months ago, and I took the Fon and lock myself in the bathroom, she was banging on the door till her brother who we were living with came in and told her to stop, she then pick up the house fon and called police that I hit her, well police came, saw a little mark in her face and decided that one person must go they had to take me. Was detained and let go the next day. My wife tried to take it back but they threatened her with purjery, so she didn't since she's a nurse too. Now am doing pti, what are my chances of ever getting a license, my attorney said charges will be dropped when I finish the pti. Pls I need advice. Thanks

My main concern is, the possibility of licensure after undergoing pti for a family violence charge

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I moved your thread for best response. This is a moderated forum so you will see a delay in responses. We cannot give legal advice as per the Terms of Service however there may be nurses who can help you.

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Thanks Esme12, hopefully somebody who's been in a similar predicament can tell me how it works here.


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As stated, we're really not able to give out legal advice, but I might comment about your attorney. While your lawyer may be competent in disorderly & domestic issues, you might want to consult an attorney SPECIALIZING in nursing Board of Nursing issues.

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Yea I do. I had a call from the board of nursing on 14 th August and with just asking of my name, I was unceremoniously told am eligible to take test. I already received mail from pearson vue by evening. Thank ya all

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A warning: just because you received your authoritzation to test (ATT) doesn't mean that the Board of Nursing (BON) will automatically hand you the license when you pass. Yes, the fact that you are being allowed to test is promising. But there have been nurses with records who received the ATT and then had to wait months for their case to be reviewed by the BON and their licensed issued. Or worse, they were outright denied a license.

IMO, you should have a lawyer handy for any dealings you have with the Board of Nursing, especially if the BON wants you to appear in front of them to chat about this.

If the charge is dropped, you may also want to talk to a lawyer about getting it expunged--contrary to popular belief, arrests and dismissed charges don't magically disappear from your record. A domestic violence charge on your record, even one that is ultimately dropped, can be quite a blow to your licensing and job hunting prospects.

You can find lawyers versed in dealing with BONs here:

TAANA Executive Office - Home

Best of luck!

Thanks for ur input, I will remember that