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Im a sophomore in high-school and I am in the process of looking at colleges. I want to go to a college in Nashville TN. Ive been looking at Lipscomb University. They have a 5 year program that has a partnership with Vanderbilt. You have to do 3 years at Lipscomb then 2 years including summers at Vanderbilt. Or I could choose the 4 year program and go to Lipscomb for 2 years and then another college like Harding University, Belmont University, Tennessee Tech, Austin Peay and others. But I couldnt go to Vanderbilt. I would love to attend Vanderbilt full time but it is just so expensive...............Also what is the major difference between a BSN and a MSN? I know you have to specialize in MSN but what about BSN? Also what is the salary difference between a MSN anda BSN? Thanks for the help.

MSN tends to be administrators and educators. Sometimes BSN opens administration doors. If MSN/BSN remain clinical nurses, there is little or no pay differance from ASN. Though hospital educators do well, college educators often make less than clinical nurses.

snowfreeze, BSN, RN

Has 16 years experience. Specializes in ICU, CCU, Trauma, neuro, Geriatrics.

Futnursestudent, I admire someone who starts looking at possibilities prior to taking that big step. A BSN will offer you more opportunities than bedside nursing. The pay will be the same for the first your bedside nursing years but if you find a unique route to follow the pay and incentives will increase a bit. As a BSN you will be able to work as a drug rep. or a medical equipment sales person and if you wish a specialty with some travel time this is unique. A BSN can supervise in a hospital, be ADON or DON in a LTC facility. Management positions and working independantly are the options more often offered to BSN than ADN..

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