I need advice from any nurses out there. I begin nursing school soon, and I can not decide which department to go into. I was dead set on pediatrics do to my love of children, then I participated in this wonderful nursing camp and learned about all my options. Now I am currently looking into ER nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and Pediatrics. I have done research on all of them and still can not make my mind up. So if anyone has any advice for me, I would appreciate it. I have a passion for helping people and knowing I made a difference in their lives.


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The good thing about nursing school is that you don't have to pick a specialty. You will have clinical experiences in a variety of settings. Worry about getting through school and don't worry about a specialty. Good luck

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Don't worry about it. There is no need to specialize in nursing school.


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This would be a fabulous example of "putting the cart before the horse"!

About the last thing you should be concerned with at this point is what specialty you may (or may not) choose to work in once you are a licensed nurse. A Nurse Practitioner is an RN with an advanced degree....not a specialty in and of itself. They specialize, NP isn't a specialty.

First, successfully complete the nursing program. When you finish, 2-4 years from now, work on successfully passing the licensing exam. THEN think about where you can find gainful employment! It's not at ALL uncommon to have nurses move through numerous specialty areas before setting on the "thing" that they enjoy most.

Good luck!


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I went to school to become a midwife. Then I liked peds. I hated both clinical experiences. My internship was in critical care. I was hooked completely. Now I'm employed on that unit and wouldn't have it any other way.

Until you've seen a bit of what happens from the inside, you'll waver on this. That's why nursing in the U.S. is so awesome - flexibility! And if you hate one thing, there are many others to try. Don't make up your mind now. Keep it open to possibility: