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i have been a nurse for two plus years working on a cardiac unit. in the next few months we are getting ready to open a new neuro science wing with a good sized neuro intensive care unit. the neuro icu will not open unit february or march of next year. i am considering transferring over the new unit. would it be better to start and learn everting new or would it be better to wait until the unit is up and running? i've been in cardiac nursing since i graduated and i am working on my bsn. i know i want to be a np but i don't know if i want to stay with cardiac. i think this is a good opportunity however, this being totally new to the hospital i am apprehensive. anyone have any advice?

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I say if you're interested in learning something new then apply for the transfer! Neuro ICU is a challenging and educational area to work in. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of intensive care. If nothing else, you will have an opportunity to teach yourself something unique that will only help you through the NP program.

Best of luck to you!


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Vanderbilt University is expirementing with new programs of NP, such as Emergency Nurse Practitioner, in which the nurse obtains BOTH A.C.N.P. and F.N.P. New opportunities in graduate education are opening up all over the place. I suggest that you take your current knowledge, and add on to this foundation of nursing care and principle by reading various critical care guides in brain injury, as well as, the pathophysiology of brain injury as it pertains to NeuroICU.

Getting a wider knowledge base is always a good thing! Good luck!


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I think you should begin as soon as possible. Read alot and be prepared. It's fun to see the beginning of a new unit. Good luck

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