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Advice regarding each shift screening


My hospital has recently implemented screening checks at each entrance where the staff is asked a series of questions about whether they have any respiratory symptoms, recent fever, live with someone who is sick or quarantined, etc. I had a nurse that coughed while standing in line for her screening. She was immediately sent home for the day and PTO taken from her account. Here in Southeast GA, its allergy season and our cars are yellow with pollen. I get we are being safe for our patients, but with no fever or other symptoms and no advice for follow up testing, what is the point in sending her home? And shouldn't the hospital be covering that PTO? Currently, their policy states they will only cover 14 days quarantine if you get infected from dealing with an infected patient. Anyone have something to add or help me out?


Relative working at essential job. They are high risk. Employer wants them to stay home for the duration but will only allow them to use up their 14 days annual vacation, so they told them to see their doctor so the doctor would order quarantine. Supposedly the hope was that some sort of govt program, disability or such, would pay them to stay home. Doctor said that they would not write for worker to stay home. Told worker to apply for unemployment. Seems like those in charge want people to stay home but they don’t want to pay for any of this.