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Is anyone willing to share what they make as a LVN in Texas? In the Central Texas area, Killeen area to be exact (45 mins from Austin).

I am a Medical Assistant who previously worked in Dentistry. I planning on going to school as an LVN. Ive heard the rumors about LVN's being disrespected and making little money an hour. Is anyone willing to share their pay? Is it enough for a single mother to survive off of? What is the difference in LVN and RN pay?

The school I would be attending does not offer RN, but offers LVN and LVN to RN. I'm confused on what to pursue and I am starting a little later in life so unfortunately I do not have any more time to choose another career. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you all in advance!


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Thank you

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Licensed Practical Nurse Salaries in Killeen, TX and how key factors that impact them -

Hi there! I'm not from Texas. So...

Start here...this is not official, and given the fact that you're only "thinking" about an LVN program, these figures will most likely be different than actual salaries by the time you apply, enroll, graduate, and pass the nclex. Good luck to you.

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I work about 45 min/hr from Killeen and make $24.15/hr days in LTC. I have almost 9 yrs experience. Most of my coworkers carpool to my facility from Killeen because the pay is much better the closer you get to Austin. Hope that helps.


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Thank you for the reply! Greatly appreciated!