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Hello all I am new to this site and before posting i have browsed endlessly to try and find an answer to my question.Briefly, I am wondering if anyone is aware of the stipulations regarding being offered to attend a "forgiveness program" or "readmission" after two clinical failures. The information given from my instructor was to register for the orientation and all information regarding this program and if you would need to start the program over from the beginning would be giving at that time. Usually I am a pretty patient person but due to the orientation not being done until July kind of holds me at a stand still. Just wanted to see if anyone was familiar with this program and any information towards it!


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I haven't heard of anything like that but I'm still not sure of what you're talking about.

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The only conceivable source for an answer is the school at which you received the clinical failures. School policies are unique to the school. I'm not sure how any of us could answer a question about your school.


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Roser 13 I appreciate your reply, I wasn't seeking an answer about my school in general, I was asking if anyone may be in a program that has a similar protocol as the one I stated above.

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My school was a two strikes your out kind of deal. Not sure that I know of any that have a forgiveness program in my area but one girl who wasn't able to pass clinical rotations/course work at my school went to another good school in the area and ended up passing from their program and is a nurse today.


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Thanks for your feedback!!


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I went to a "part time" 8 quarter (so all through the summers) LPN program and you had to be working full time as a CNA. I put the part time in quotations because by the last 4 quarters we were pulling full time hours with clinical and lecture hours. Anyway if we received a grade less than a 75% for any part of the program, just once, you were out of the program. There were 50 students started the program and 16 of us graduated. It was an excellent program by the way, but just pointing out each program has their own rules.

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thanks for your feedback!!!