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Advice please?


Hey guys! So I got certified at the beginning of this month and started looking for a job. I had 1 interview and then another facility called the same afternoon to set up another interview. The next day, the first place I interviewed at called and offered me a PT position. So do I cancel the other interview? Or do I still go and explain to them that I've been offered a position elsewhere? I really don't want to burn any bridges with anyone! Thanks so much for any and all input!

Go to the other interview and don't mention the offer you got elsewhere...yet. If both facilities offer you a position then weigh your options to choose the better fit for you. Unless of course the place that offered you the position was your first choice.

Missingyou, CNA

Specializes in Long term care. Has 20 years experience.

Go to the second interview, no need to tell either one that about the other.

Really size up the place, look at team work, cleaniness of the facility, etc.

Of course, job #2 still hasn't offered you the position yet......

Thank you both! I accepted the offer from my first interview and will be cancelling my 2nd interview. I felt like if I didn't accept their offer and then didn't get an offer from the second place, I would be up a certain creek without a paddle! Hopefully this doesn't ruin my chances in the future if I would like to apply again.