Visa screen application

    • Im currently processing my visa screen. I need to complete the requirements. I would like to ask on what does "paased cp or nclex" means? How do i submit that requirement? I passed my nclex last january 2015, state illinois.
      how do i get update on my visa screen application? How do i email cgfns and get feedback easily.
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  2. by   Silverdragon102
    You need to send a verification form to the state you passed NCLEX with and probably pay a fee for this service. They will then verify to CGFNS that you passed NCLEX
  3. by   imanurse143
    Thank you very much for the reply! 😊
  4. by   esipbisn
    I have sent a license verification to the BON and cgfns has received it, however the website says "waiting for nclex passing results". The 2 are linked right? I can't be licensed without passing the NCLEX, is there any other institution I should contact?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    CGFNS takes a while to change status. For me years ago it still said waiting for verification and I received the certificate in the post
  6. by   esipbisn
    Wow ok then I guess I'm good.
    Other "funny" fact: a transcript was sent from NY EARLY MARCH. They sent an email YESTERDAY stating it was received. Seriously?? I wonder how long it'll take them to receive my license info from France...
  7. by   Doforlove
    Hello All, it seems like I may get some helpful answers from you guys regarding Visa Screen process!
    I went to total of 4 colleges/universities in Texas and took courses that are listed in those "Request for Academic records" forms.
    Although CGFNS specified online that they are awaiting for the academic records/transcript from my professional school only, which I received my nursing degree, I sent all my requests to other 3 colleges/universities as they also have a small part of filling for some courses.
    I just want to check with you guys if I am on the right track, because as you all may know, some of CGFNS staffs really don't know how to answer to these issues. Today, I just found out they somehow changed my initial application info, switching school names. It is probably rare for them to see somebody who went to so many different schools, but one little confusion can compromise my immigration status!

    So it is correct that I sent request forms to all schools I attended that helped leading to my nursing degree, right?

    Thank you all!
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    My understanding from other posters is usually your last school will include all other information from your other schools. But seeing as you sent to all then all you can do is wait
  9. by   Doforlove
    I sent one request form to school in Texas on March 24th. I received confirmation of CGFNS around May 24th, so even in the same country, it can take 2 months for such documents. Texas Board of nursing processed my check ($25 processing fee) in March as well for license verification, but I got confirmation also in May. I understand your frustration! My PD was June 2014, FYI.
  10. by   esipbisn
    You did the right thing, that's how I got my visa screen
  11. by   gelai1986
    Hi, I am currently processing my visascreen application,i'm confused as to how i will request New York BON to send my passing nclex result to CGFNS and don't know where to inquire on the fee for its processing. Can anyone pls. help me on the process?thanks