Trying to work in the US as a Canadian RN

  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently became a registered nurse in Canada and I wrote my NCLEX exam right away and I am now licensed as an RN in the states of Minnesota and Michigan. Now I am trying to get a job in michigan but the problem is I dont know how to go about getting a visa. I know I have to get a TN visa to work in the states but my potential employer told me I have to get a VisaScreen Certificate before they can interview me or give me a letter for the TN visa. The problem is to get the VisaScreen Certificate I have to do a CGFNS qualifying test to see if I can write the NCLEX... but I already wrote te NCLEX exam and passed it so that seems very pointless? So my question is what am I suppose to do before applying for a TN visa? Do I have to do Credential Evaluation Services (CES)? This is for the state of Michigan and I am Canadian if that helps. Please any input would help me right now. Thank you sooo much!
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  3. by   joanna73
    Your best bet is to contact the Michigan BON directly. They will inform you exactly how to proceed with the visa. Michigan has licensed many Canadian RNs for sure. Windsor is just across the river.
  4. by   katherine100
    Lucky you. Glad you found employment.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    VSC requires a pass in NCLEX or CGFNS exam. All you need to do is get the BON to send verification to CGFNS that you have passed NCLEX as well as complete other requirements
  6. by   uRNmyway
    Right, I was just going to say what Silverdragon102 said. You can just call CGFNS and explain the situation to them as well, they will just tell you.