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Hi I have been informed by Mt Royal College, that they had a cancellation next week and can fit me in for the SEC IEN assessment. I am like WWWWW HHHHHAAATTTTTT and thought I will give it a shot.... Read More

  1. by   isyelmui100
    may i ask how are you able to acquire a tourist visa, how much is the show money, thnx
  2. by   asitoja
    I applied for Tourist Visa last February 2010 but I got denied,,my consulatnt advice me to apply for permanent residence in canada since I qualify under FSW category he said it will be 6-10 months processing only and so I did, and now I already received my Medical request,, so probably in 1-3 months time I gonna have my Permanent Visa supposed my Medical Exam is OK. Anyway my Show money when I applied for Tourist Visa is 5ooK.
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  3. by   kokoy
    Quote from Ginger's Mom
    Yes, unless you are being recruited for a very executive position you have to pay the travel expenses. Since this is an entry level position you have to assume the costs. It will show you are taking this application seriously. Once you get a date check the internet for cheap airfares.

    Hello are you from canada? can you suggest the cheapest airlines? I have some difficulties in searching the internet because it's all in euro or pound currency.Thank you.