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  1. I am from India. I am on h4 visa(dependant visa). I got my new RN license from Texas board recently. Can anyone guide me for the next steps to proceed to work as a nurse. I do not have any idea regarding visas,sponsers, visa screen certificate. When do i need undergo visa screening test. Please any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    you need to approach hospitals/establishments re H1b. Then depending on status of hospital/establishment will depend on hen your employer submits for H1b and when you can start. If looking for greencard then what experience do you have? That will depend on what category you fit into as well as job fitting into category. Then look at where you was born as that will have a deciding factor in how long you have to wait for GC to be issued. Once you have a employer willing to file then decide whether to file for vsc. If H1b then file for vsc as soon as possible
  4. by   moving400
    Congrats for passing Nclex-RN.
    You have to get ur visa screening first(cgfs will do that).for Visa screening you need to get ur TOEFL/IELTS.Later you have to follow whatever silverdragon says so.
  5. by   neepi13
    hi moving400,is it necessary to pass ielts /toefl in all cases?or only for certain states