planning to move to canada ... part II

  1. hey guys,

    haven't been here for a while...but just to let you guys know that I had a face to face interview yesterday with my canadian employer and it was tough three people in the panel..

    right now im just waiting for the fingers crossed...

    there are some interesting questions that came out during the interview and ill be posting them in another thread...

    thank you so much for those who replied...and it is my turn to help as im getting more and more acquainted with the procedure on how to get a job in canada....
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Best of luck. When do you expect to hear back from them? What kind of questions did they ask? How very exciting for you.
  4. by   dopey&dopier
    Im very excited but anxious because as i send this post i am still waiting for their'verdict'... so in total i have been waiting for 4 days now (good thing i was working, helped me get my mind off things)...i just hope that everything will end up ok...

    Question: is that how it normally takes for a Canadian employer to make up their minds...


    their questions were:

    Why do you like the area you work in?
    What do you like the least?
    Cite an instance when a patient demanded for an unreasonable request and what have you done....

  5. by   dopey&dopier
    Sorry got cut off...

    to continue....

    ....about it???
    What are your responsibilities and duties?
    What stresses you at work... cite an instance where you were stressed and how u dealt with it?
    How are you going to cope living and working in Canada??
    How do u keep yourself updated as a nurse??
    How do you handle difficult people??
    Have you done anything creative for your unit and elaborate??

    I think that's about it!!

    I was interviewed by three reps from the hospital, they were all nice...but i felt they were watching every move i made, even the dress i was wearing ... i was really scared....

    At the end of the interview, they gave me a booklet from the hospital, the area where I may be working, and a booklet about Newmarket plus a map of Ontario!!!

    I think I did well but really i'll only know until the result comes out....

  6. by   the31woman
    Hi guys

    Best of luck and I am sure you did well. Did you have the interview here in UK or did you guys eventually go to Canada for vacation. I too found the questions quite interesting and different from what I would be asked here in an interview. Again, I wish you guys the best of luck
  7. by   dopey&dopier
    After 6 days of waiting .... just now my phone rang and i was told of the good news...I passed the interview...(YEY!!)

    the interview was held here in the UK...they came over to meet the applicants face to face...

    there will be another interview (via the telephone) coming up very soon and this is with the Nurse Managers of the different areas where we would be assigned to...i told them that i was going to Canada on the first week of they would try to arrange a date for me to meet up with the Nurse Manager of ITU during the time i am there....

    anyways, thank you for the reassurance(s) you guys send me...

    love & peace...
  8. by   delhinurse
    My name is tina. I am an ICU nurse in india and planning of moving to Canada. I have just given the phone interview to canadian employer and it went really well. I would like to send my assessment form to CARNA as soon as possible but i am not sure if this is the right time for me beacuse i am getting married on dec04. If i send my application now it would process in my current surname. After couple of months, i will be using my husband surname. The only thing that i am scared off not having to bring my husband with me. Please help me with your suggestion.
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I would include that information with your application. The fact is that it will take at least that long for CARNA to do anything with your application; your education has been obtained in your current name so they have to do their assessment using it. Your married name can go on your practice permit when it's issued, sometime in 2008. They may want some kind of proof of name change though. In 2002 when I moved from Manitoba to Alberta, it took more than 3 months for them to satisfy themselves that I was eligible for licensure, even though my education is Canadian and I've never worked anywhere else. So prepare for a long wait.

    Is your husband planning to follow you over here at some time in the future? It seems an unlikely time to be making such a move, right after getting married.
  10. by   delhinurse
    Thanks Jan for your help...yes he wants to go to canada at a sametime with me. I have done little research about it. To my knowledge, i am allow to bring my spouse or dependent children. I read it on immigration canada website. Now, what i understand from your email ...that i have to apply for assessment using my current name once i get the letter of eligibilty for temporarily permit with the application to apply for temporarily permit i can provide them proof of my marraige certification and have my name changed on licensure?
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Right now all your documentation is in your maiden name, correct? So if you applied using your married name-to-be, there wouldn't be anything CARNA could find about you. They'll look into your education to determine if it's substantively equivalent (I'm really starting to hate that phrase!) to that obtained by Alberta-educated nurses, then they'll look at your registration records to see if you've had any disciplinary actions against you or other problems and any number of other things they may deem important before giving you a practice permit. That's one of the reasons it all takes so long. So you should file your application with your current name, include the information that you're getting married on December 4, that your married name will be Tina Whatever and that you'd be happy to furnish a copy of your marriage documents when the time is at hand. It's very, very,very unlikely that you'll ever have a license in your maiden name in Canada because of how long the assessment will take...
  12. by   2Nurse2
    Hi Dehli Nurse.
    I m from South Asia as well and I have applied at CARNA for my temporary registration 5 months ago, the process still hasnt completed and I can see myself waiting for another 2-3 months easily.

    As Janfrn said you should go ahead and start your registration process as soon as possible cause it takes quiet a long time and you can always provide evidence and change your name later.

    To Janfrn,
    I have applied for CARNA registration about 5 months ago, should I now start looking for a job? how easy is it to find a job in Alberta? Do they give nurses a tough time in phone interviews or its pretty easy.

    I also have one more question. Do you think its wise to apply for a Visit visa after aquiring elegibility letter from CARNA. The intend of the visit would be to take my CRNE exam and if I m allowed in Canada I can search for the best employer for me in Alberta and a face to face interview can be conducted. I would like to get your thoughts on it.

    Appriciate your help and time.

    Have a Blessed day.
  13. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    2Nurse2, there have been many before you who have applied for employment before they've actually gotten their CARNA registration. Employers know how long that process takes. Your idea of getting a visitor's visa makes good sense. (You do know that the CRNE is only written three times a year, and the application to write has to be in to CNA far, far in advance, right? The next sitting is in February 2008, and I'd guess that it's too late to apply for that one. The next one is in June...) Once you've leaped all the hurdles you can apply for permanent residency.

    I've known a few people who were hired even before they passed their CRNE, who were given a temporary permit for a few months to allow them to get the exam done. They go on the pay grid as grad nurses until the results are back and get retro pay once they've passed and submitted proof. How tough the employer will be in a phone interview will depend on what area you've applied for and how much experience you already have in that area. There are many, many vacancies in every health region in Alberta right now, so I think you won't have much trouble. That process also takes a considerable amount of time, so it perhaps will all reach the end-point at the same time!
  14. by   delhinurse
    hello, I just got my registration letter and all other forms. Its little confusing. I am not sure which form i should be filling first. I have recieved these forms (application to write examination, application for temporary supervised registerd nurse, statuory nurse,application for temporary registerd nurse registration ) I would like to know which form should i fill first for temporary registration. There are few options in temporary registerd nurse cateogry which one should i pick for temporary permit.