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  1. by   nurseako
    Quote from fleour
    Hello nurseako!Congratulations and good luck!How long does st lukes forward the medical results to embassy? If you arrive on april 14, and have medicals after, would it be forwarded to the embassy before april 19..just a thought.. Please share to us your experience in medical and interview. Good luck!!!!
    hi fleour. i moved my sched to april 23 since i am thinking i might not have enough time for my medical. usually medical can be done 1-2 weeks before your sched interview. what your pd? are you also for interview?
  2. by   fleour
    Hi nurseako. Thats right, youll be short of time if your schedule is April 19. My PD is december 2005. I was supposed to be interviewed on december 2011, unfortunately my petitioner would not give me job offer because there are no more vacancies in their hospital(kaiser permanente). I did not attend the interview as advised by my agency, and as advised by US Embassy ( i emailed US Embassy and informed them about my abandoned petition, they replied that i will not be issued a visa if my petition as been abandoned). I have a new petitioner now who is processing my packets all over again, fortunately i retained my dec 2005 peiority date. Im currently in packet 2, waiting for NVC to request my ds230 and fee bill. I hope it wont take long to reach packet 4. Good luck to your interiew!
  3. by   nurseako
    at least they gave you another chance to retain your pd. as for my my agent has no word yet from the employer. but i am still hoping for a JO before my interview
  4. by   K-Ann
    My PD is June 2006. I already moved twice. I was wondering how I can ask the embassy to send any letter to my current address or at least to my email? I noticed that the lawyer did not put my email in the petition form =(
  5. by   fleour
    If your case is still in the NVC, contact NVC and update your current mailing address and email address..look it up on the internet for their contact number. If your case is already in the US embassy, call the embassy...if youre not sure where your case is, then contact the two.
  6. by   mafagripa
    Hello fleour,

    I just want to inquire who is your new employer? coz like you my PD is current also and when i called my petitioner they told me that they can not give me a job offer already and that they are no longer sponsoring foreign nurses.
  7. by   fleour
    Hi nurseako,Have you attended you april 23 interview? How was your interview? I hope you could share your experience to us. Thank ou very much!
  8. by   nurseako
    Quote from fleour
    Hi nurseako,Have you attended you april 23 interview? How was your interview? I hope you could share your experience to us. Thank ou very much!
    Hi fleour and to all following this thread!

    It is nice to be back, I havent been following this thread for sometime now. I am already in the US since June. My apologize for not updating you guys, okay as to your jurassic question re: my interview. Here's wat i can remember. I went to the embassy as early as 4:30a.m my sched was 0730. documents where checked at the gate and they gave you a sticker for your 2go delivery. when i went inside they will give you a call number and you will wait for you number to be called and approach the designated window. at first a filipno staff checked my papers and ask me if i need to update my documents which i told him i brought a new ds230 bcause of some changes in my address. so he took my new ds230,picture NBI claerance, visascreen and he gave me the old ds230 back. He advised me to wait for the consul interview which took me sometime. While waiting I saw my friend in the waiting area waiting for the interview also. So, we chat while waiting for our turn to be called then my number flasehd and I approached the window for the consul. She asked me to take oath infornt of her, ( to testify that all the docs are correct) then she asked me 2 questions only. First, do you know the name of your petitioner and secondly how much will you earn. Tip: answer only what is being asked. So afterwhich she told me that my visa has been approved and I will wait again for my number to have the final instructions for the delivery. finally I finished that time before lunch time and went out the embassy happy and contented.
    how about you FLOUR? what is your update?
  9. by   jakey
    Hi K-Ann. do you have a schedule already with the embassy? My PD is May 2006 and i am still waiting for a my schedule.