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Is anybody familiar with nursing in Sweden? How does RN associate degree translate to Swedish nurses? I am fluent in Swedish so language is not a problem, but I am not sure who to contact about... Read More

  1. by   Klohmann330
    If I have a 4 year BA in nursing can I get hired in Sweden? Are there any nursing jobs that also require English? or do I have to speak Swedish fluently as well? My boyfriend is from Sweden and he is not having any luck finding a job here so we thought we might try it the other way around....

  2. by   Silverdragon102
    I do think you will have to be fluent in Swedish to nurse in Sweden

    This link may help to how to get registered in Sweden but I haven't looked properly at the link
  3. by   aelsa3
    A couple of years ago when I worked at a nursing home here in Sweden we hired an American girl. She had a nursing education from the US and quite an impressive CV with many years of work experience. BUT she was hired as a nursing assistant since her education didn't meet Swedish nursing standards..
    As for the language..she couldn't speak Swedish and that was a big problem at the nursing home since older Swedish citizens often don't speak English..

    So in order to work as a nurse in Sweden you most definetly need to be able to speak Swedish.
    If you're not a EU citizen and don't have relatives/family in Sweden it is almost impossible to get a work visa.
  4. by   Klohmann330
    I don't have any relatives living in Sweden but I would be filing for a residence visa under the "cohabitating" or "intend to marry" visa... my boyfriend is a Swedish citizen and he would be my contact. You said the American gir had a lot of nursing experience, do you happen to know what her education level was? I have a 4 year BAN (bachelor of arts in nursing), would that transfer to a nursing liscense in Sweden at all?
  5. by   aelsa3
    I think you should try to contact Socialstyrelsen regarding your education level or maybe your boyfriend could help you with that. They are the ones that issues nursing licenses in Sweden.

    Here's a link..hope you find more information.
  6. by   Klohmann330
    Thanks so much for your help! TACK!
  7. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    I like to hear about nursing in other countries. What does one need to do in order to get a BSN in Sweden? How long is the program? What's the focus? How are clinical rotations?
  8. by   rafal
    Hey, I have just moved to Sweden and I am about to start an SFI. I also wanted to enroll in nursing degree and was wondering how hard would it be to get accepted as a foreign person and swedish as a third language? Is it possible for me to start studying nursing after completing Swedish For Immigrants or is it rather impossible? All help is very much appreciated.
  9. by   aelsa3
    I don't think it would be any problems for you to go to nursing school in Sweden after you've completed your SFI because it means you should be able to speak Swedish and interact in society.
    It's best if you contact each school to see what criterias they have for enrolling in nursing education.
    They usually want you to have studied at a certain level and some courses at college(a.k.a Swedish gymnasie utbildning).
  10. by   rafal
    I do have some college education but in totally different area ( economy ) . In that case, do you think I would have to finish some preparatory courses? I will also ask schools directly, do you know some other schools other than Red Cross and Karolinska in Stockholm area? I am having hard times with the research myself. Thank you for all the help.
  11. by   aelsa3
    Ersta Skndal and Sophiahemmet are also nursing schools in Stockholm.
    Most of the schools requires basic college courses such as Mathematics B, Social Studies A, Science B (alt. Physics A, Chemistry A and Biology A).
    VHS can make an assessment of your grades but you have to translate them into either swedish or english. The assessment is free but takes approx 6 months..

    Here's a link..unfortunatly in Swedish=)
  12. by   aelsa3
    I'm sorry if I've been misleading you. I mean upper secondary school courses(high school)not college courses..
  13. by   rafal
    Oh, does that mean that high school diploma from any EU country is enough? I really appreciate your responses. I am really excited about it and looking forward to get on that case as soon as possible.