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hi to all! i just would like to ask, if i have my license already as Registered Nurse as I passed the NCLEX-RN exam for the state of California and planning to endorse it in New York, the question... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from sweetjellies1
    Hello everyone I just recieved my LPN license from NY state. I would like to know wht happens if i dont work at all. can i stll renew my license after it expires in three years or do i give nclex again? please help me out by providing this information.I will be ever so grateful

    Check the BON website out, they should have instructions on renewal and whether you need CEU's or not
  2. by   nysjazz
    hi sir!

    I am from the philippines... and i have a it means i could endorsed to vermont?

    but i really like to endorse the results to New york could that be possible?I have heard that lately no endorsement is accepted from any state to another is that true?xet
  3. by   dunn_137
    hi silverdragon!! do you happen to know if texas is now requiring ssn to have an nclex result endorsed from california? a friend of mine was able to endorse hers last year without ssn but i heard now that they are requiring it ialready.. is it true? i will be endorsing my nclex to texas but don't know if i should pursue it because i lack ssn.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    I don't know, Have you checked what is stated on their website or contacted them. As far as I am aware it is a federal requirements and states may be clamping down and there are a few that will not renew without a SSN
  5. by   sacred_essence

    I'm filing for an endorsement too. I'm just confused on part of my application. If I passed the NCLEX, does that mean I'm registered in that state already? or am I licensed?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Passing NCLEX doesn't always mean you are licensed. Some states will not issue a license without a US SSN therefore you have passed NCLEX but are not licensed
  7. by   sacred_essence
    thanks for the prompt reply

    Just wanna clear things up, so I'm neither registered nor licensed?
  8. by   abuRN
    Hi guys!newbie here....i would like to ask for your opinion with regards to NCLEX...
    Im a California NCLEX passer and it will be expiring soon,should i pursue with the visa screen (i took the IELTS recently) or just apply for reciprocity/endorsement to another state?
    Another question is,if i push thru with my visa screen are the still chances that my NCLEX will expire?i dont want to retake the exam again.thanks!
  9. by   nursejas_1188
    Quote from avi_51N
    thanks for the the way what is the name of the center you've asked for assistance and how much did you pay for it..thanks..
    i hope its not to late but i think the agency he/she is referring to would be NEAC
  10. by   nursejas_1188
    Quote from Nguyenthi baoloan
    Hi There,

    Thank you so much for answer my question, I came from Vietnam, there is no local board for nursing and there is no licensing as well, as long as i graduated from college then i can work as a nurse! I graduated in the Philippines and it seems that I was the only Vietnamese who studied nursing abroad, I have nobody to ask!
    Desperately, I did everything that I could by searching online and looking into each articles. I was able to go thry with CA and passed NCLEX, now it turn to the hardest part! The licensing part... !!!

    I don't know if nursing is the correct choise for me!

    I'm very much appreciate your replied.

    Sincerely yours
    @Nguyenthi baoloan hope its not too late... i just want to share this with you... my friend who is now in VA will be taking up NCLEX-RN exam for the NY state like you she does not carry a PH-RN license.. so i guess you can try applying for NY as well.. or just choose a different state... GOODLUCK!!!
  11. by   vandetta22
    Hi there.. i have a fiance in the PI, i want her to pass her nclex before she arrive in the states (california) however she cannot take the nclex in california cause they require ssn..She thinking of taking it form another state that doesn't require a ssn..My question is if she pass it form anther state, upon arrivial would it be difficult for her to get an endorsement in california? Also, if you are in similiar situation if you can what would be the state to take it in to have it easily endorse by california..thank you very much!!
  12. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    The endorsement process can take as long and will still be required to meet CAs requirements whether it via initial licensure or endorsement. It's going to save her money if she waits until she has her ss# that way she doesn't have to do everything twice. It's going to be a headache as CA is now cracking down in the requirements and they have gotten stricter. She should focus on studying for the exam now as international graduates have a fail rate of 50%. Good luck
  13. by   olaivar_joy
    Good day! I'm presently working at the government hospital here in the Philippines. I already passed the CA nclex but no ssn yet and it will expire this coming November 2012. May i know the procedure and requirements for endorsement to Maryland? Please advise. Thank u very much.
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