Know everything about bridging course in sydney

  1. hi! Ive applied for an assessment for RN in NSW. I can say that I know very much on the how to's in applying for bridging course in Australia since I did it on my own. I got the recommendation letter from the board and was advised to undergo a competence assessment program in the college of nursing in Burwood.

    to make it short: (If u want to apply in NSW)
    1. Take IELTS first, all 7 on all the components
    2. Read the instructions on the
    basically here are the most Important things:
    a. go to PRC, request for verification of registration to be sent directly to the board
    b. go to your university or college, request for transcript and nursing course description to be sent directly to the board
    c. go to IDP or British Council, request for a copy of your all 7 each in all components of your report grade to be sent directly to the board
    d. fill up the application form-
    (with the application form, you need to have it notarised, and pay $105 through credit card or money order etc)

    that's basically the initial requirements to be sent to the nursing board
    here is the information booklet that will guide you/checklist in filing your application:

    Assessment is a case to case basis but basically Overseas nurses are recommended to undergo the bridging course.

    You will receive a recommendation letter from the nursing board stating the Nursing school that provides the bridging course or the school that you have to go to to get your registration training

    Example of the recommendation letter:

    If you get such letter,
    Application process
    1. Complete application form
    2. Forward completed application form (and non-refundable application fee) along with the following documents:
    * original letter of referral from the Nurses and Midwives Board of New South Wales
    * a certified copy of your English language test result (Internationally educated nurses/midwives)
    * a certified copy of your visa*(Internationally educated nurses/midwives)
    * Applicants who will be applying for a short stay visa in order to undertake the program may be issued with a letter from the College that can be used to support their application for a visa when all other entry requirements have been met.
    [FONT=AGaramond-Semibold]Note: Applications that are incomplete are unable to be processed.
    3. Successful applicants will be notified by mail.
    Applicants are advised not to finalise any personal arrangements until confirmation of a place in the program is received from The College of Nursing.
    4. Confirmed applicants are required to attend the program enrolment session where all original documentation is to be presented for verification and proof of identity established. Applicants will be excluded from the program if the original documentation and eligibility cannot be verified. Outstanding fees are to be finalised at this time.

    regarding your visa, you can get the student visa or visa 456 or if u have relatives, you can ask them to sponsor you (family sponsored)

    regarding your schedule, the school will be the one to give you the date so u can apply the appropriate date of your travel.

    If you have questions, feel free to ask
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    Thanks for posting your experiences

    Moved to the international forum as per the red banner plus we have many here posting that are looking or have gone through the process for Australia
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    Can this thread be read by people?
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    Hi! Are you now in Australia taking the bridging course? How much is the estimated cost of all your application? Thanks!
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    Quote from ziggyldy
    Hi! Are you now in Australia taking the bridging course? How much is the estimated cost of all your application? Thanks!
    Hi! Im still in the Phils. Im waiting for the new recommendation letter coz It was expired. Once I received it, that's the only time I can enroll to the nursing school in Australia.

    I'll give you A LIST of what are the possible expenses, I cant give the exact figures coz I dont know how much are these at present but Im sure with the fees of IELTS and Brigding course:
    (most of the bridging course in Sydney are facilitated by the College of Nursing in Burwood) here's the link:

    1. IELTS-P8,640
    2. PRC VERIFICATION + courier send directly to the board
    3. transcript + courier send directly to the board
    4. copy of IELTS + courier send directly to the board
    5. courier of your application form
    6. BRIDGING COURSE AT PRESENT = AUD$10,000 (roughly Php 380,000)
    7. airfare round trip (roughly Php 50,000)
    8. Visa Application ( roughly P5,000) 456 visa, visit: ,
    you must have a bank statement with a show money;
    if you will apply for a student visa, kindly read on the link

    maybe you will spend about P500,000 all in (estimated)

    Accommodation and the show money is not included in my estimation. I have 5 families there so Im not sure how much is the accommodation rate but there are a lot of units/rooms for rent.

    I went there for a holiday last April to July 2009 so I have a good picture of what Sydney is :redpinkhe
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    Do you need clinical experience to apply for bridging course in NSW?

    Hotchick do you have any RN experience?

    Thank you for your post it was quite helpfull
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    Hi how long did NSW board of nursing replied to you after receiving your initial application? Thank you for the information you have provided it will help many aspiring nurses wishing to register in NSW.
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    Quote from uh_huh?
    Do you need clinical experience to apply for bridging course in NSW?

    Hotchick do you have any RN experience?

    Thank you for your post it was quite helpfull

    Actually, when I applied for assessment with the Nursing board, I was a fresh graduate (graduate from St. Paul University Manila). But upon assessment, they considered me eligible for the RN bridging course and gave me the recommendation letter to take it in a nursing school. I think this is a case to case/individual assessment like your nursing school (if it has an equivalent course with the NSW unis), grades, experience etc.

    Clinical experience is an advantage but you can try for assessment even if you have none because even if you have greater experience, ALMOST ALL OVERSEAS NURSES ARE BEING REQUIRED TO TAKE THE BRIDGING COURSE BY THE NURSES AND MIDWIVES BOARD OF NSW

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    Quote from nursemich
    hi how long did nsw board of nursing replied to you after receiving your initial application? thank you for the information you have provided it will help many aspiring nurses wishing to register in nsw.


    it took couple of months but not too long as long as you have complete requirements. australians are very prompt in replying or attending to such applications. its less than 6 months including the mailing time in my case but it still depends whether they want additional documents from you then it will cause additional waiting time. you can also follow it up through phone call; they welcome that and they're very accommodating.

    thanks for your question

    how to contact the nurses and midwives board

    postal address:
    nurses and midwives board of new south wales
    po box k599
    sydney nsw 1238

    office address:
    level 6, north wing
    477 pitt street
    sydney nsw 2000

    the building is located in pitt street, between hay and barlow streets, opposite belmore park and a short distance from sydney's central railway station.

    telephone: (02) 9219 0222
    or rural access number: 1800 241 220 (mobile phones excluded)
    or from outside australia: 61 2 9219 0222
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    Thank you hotchick!!!!

    Another Q!

    do they really require original docs?? cant i submitt certified true copies? of TOR and Course desc..

    thanks again...
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    they require original docs that must be sent directly to them by the authorized institution (PRC, IDP or British Council and your school). They do also accept certified true copies if they told you so (applies to other requirements) but for the top3 essential requirements, it must be orig and sent to them directly to their office.

    You can always refer to the information booklet just to be sure of the proper and correct requirements needed so as not to delay your application.
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    Good day hotchicgrace. First of all, I would say that your forum item is very helpful especially for new registered nurses who are void of hospital experience. To get started I'm a new graduate aiming to make it to other lands. I'm getting hopeless with regard to my opportunity in US because of the worldwide recession and visa retrogression. But there's no need to worry because as they say, Australia would be the perfect choice for those beginning health care workers because the Board of Nursing for every state doesn't tend to be so strict when it comes to overseas participants willing to work in their country. I have learned of this "bridging program" from a school mate who is now working as a nurse in Australia. But thing is, she is in Melbourne (located in Victoria) and she has also expounded everything to be an RN there. Now I am confused between where to apply: In New South Wales (where the famous Sydney is located) or in Victoria (where Melbourne is). I would like to specify my queries so you can take a look at them carefully J

    1) If I get past the bridging program in a hospital or school in Sydney, would that institution automatically help me to have a job placement as a registered nurse?
    2) From what you know, what could be the salary range of an entry-level RN in Sydney? (Of course, you would spend a lot for this Australian venture and so you have to know whether you get properly compensated in the end or not J)
    3) How's the economic condition in Sydney? Are the basic commodities priced high or just enough like here in the Philippines?

    I want to apologize for so many questions that I have in mind. But I do hope you would take time answering all of these. J God speed in all your undertakings J