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  1. by   BlessedlyAwesome
    Oh, my apologies for this late reply, Cucci, but many thanks! Your info is really of great help as it afforded relief to my clouded mind...and for sure to others, as well, who are having the same plight as myself. So, I will not ever be worried at all being in Australia again while under Tourist Visa as it will be converted to another substantive visa, the TSS. My action (lodging a TSS visa application) will not be misconstrued as a violation of the 8101 condition of the former visa. And while waiting for the visa grant, the BVA will be automatically issued only under those conditions you've mentioned.
  2. by   cucci
    For the benefit of DIRECT HIRES who leaves the Phils with visitor visa and was granted 457/482 visa onshore and would like to take a vacation to the Phils while on 457/482 visa.

    I just got this email from POLO Canberra:

    Please be informed that POLO Australia is processing OEC for vacationing Filipinos under the Balik Manggagawa Program of POEA. Please be further informed that the OEC is only valid for sixty days from the date of issuance.

    Kindly create your BM Online Account if you do not still have or Reactivate if you have existing account through this website POEA :: Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System. The instructions can be read or viewed in the website itself. Upload a full face picture with white background. (Note: In filling out the portion of Contract Details, the Latest Departure date is your latest flight from the Philippines going to Australia while the Latest Arrival date is your arrival in the Philippines for your next vacation)

    Then set an appointment for the processing of your OEC by clicking the green button "Acquire OEC or Exemption" and choose the location: POLO Oceana Branch: Australia Yarralumla. Please make sure that your return to Australia is within the sixty day validity of the OEC from the date of your appointment. Once appointment was successfully made, kindly print out the copy of appointment and affix your signature.

    Please take note that you do not need to appear personally to POLO Office for your scheduled appointment. The following are the requirements needed in securing an OEC which you need to send through courier c/o Philippine Embassy 1 Moonah Place Yarralumla ACT 2600 at least a day before your date of appointment:
    1. signed employment contract
    2. copy of your passport and visa
    3. Signed Information Sheet generated from the BM Online appointment (go to "My Transactions")
    4. Australian Money Order for the fees which can be bought from the Post Office
    5. Self addressed envelope where we can post back your verified contract and receipts

    The following are the fees: Verification is AU$18, OWWA Membership is AU$25 and OEC is AU$5 payable to Philippine Embassy POLO through Australian Money Order amounting to AU$48.00

    Your processed OEC will be sent to your BM Online Account under "My Transaction" then print it out before your flight to Australia which you need to present before the immigration. You may enter the BM Online OEC Number on your next application for OEC and will be exempted from payment if you are returning to the same Employer and Jobsite.
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    Quote from BlessedlyAwesome
    Hi, all.

    I need your thoughts on my current dilemma, please, as I don't know what to do yet. I have been doing my research and so far, I cannot get a certain answer yet. I got my registration with AHPRA 3 weeks ago and have been fortunate to be then offered for sponsorship by a hospital under TSS visa. I was planning to just wait the grant in Phils before coming back in AU. However, I was being told by the agency representative that I will have a hard time getting out from the Phils as the hospital has no agreement with our POEA since they are only hiring few people from there. Now the following are my questions are:

    1. Is it possible to change from Tourist Visa to a working visa (TSS) without leaving Australia? Can I apply for a Bridging Visa A (Subclass 010) while I still have a valid Tourist Visa (subclass 600 and it will expire on October 2018)? I cannot apply with the other Bridging Visas (B and C) as my situation does not fall to any of their listed requirements. Oh, I just had my second exit from AU few days ago and am currently in the Philippines. I know I need to go back to AU for me to process the Bridging Visa application.

    2. If I will lodge a Bridging Visa application while under Tourist Visa in AU, is there a possibility that it will be denied since the application per se will be interpreted as a breach to the TV condition 8101 that I must not engage to work in Australia?

    3. How true is it that we will face difficulties in the airport upon leaving from our beloved country even while holding a working visa (TSS)?

    4. If I will stay in UAE, HK or Singapore under Tourist Visa, what are the problems that I will be facing while processing the nomination (to be done by the employer) and later TSS visa application (to be done by me)? The reason I am considering this is to escape the lengthy processing in POEA. Will I be undergoing health exam only? What are the documents that I will get ready for me to be allowed from leaving these countries aside from TSS visa grant?

    Trusting that someone can shed a light to me from all these confusions. My utmost gratitude, in advance...
    Yes you will have problems leaving Philippines on a 482 Visa if it was not processed through POEA. You will be prevented from leaving.

    You will be best advised to stay in Australia while the visa is being processed.

    If you need to you can extend a visitor visa while here. Then when granted apply for the 482.
    If your current visa is a multiple entry then depart and return then submit the 482 visa.

    The Bridging Visa is granted immediately the 482 application is submitted (you do not apply for it - it is automatic). you will still have 8101 no work and a study restriction. The no work can be applied to be waived if the employer needs you.

    The last and worst option is to apply from the Philippines due to the complications of POEA and the need for the Australian Employer to sign a Affidavit of appointment for an agency to act totally on behalf of the employer in the Philippines (I do not know any employer that wants to do that least of all the hospitals which can be Government hospitals who will not agree to that)

    Apply while in Australia
    Processing is only 11 -19 days generally
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    Aww, thank you for sharing your thoughts, Paul02256. This is indeed comforting knowing that you and Cucci have clarified my doubts. I really appreciate all your efforts. Many thanks to you both and to all the sharers of this forum. You all truly are angels in human form. God bless you all more...
  5. by   PaulO2256
    Quote from BlessedlyAwesome
    Aww, thank you for sharing your thoughts, Paul02256. This is indeed comforting knowing that you and Cucci have clarified my doubts. I really appreciate all your efforts. Many thanks to you both and to all the sharers of this forum. You all truly are angels in human form. God bless you all more...
    I am a migration agent with a Filipina wife, so if you need to ask let me know.