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I have applied for a work visa for the position as a dialysis nurse. I was filed last april 1 2009 and was wondering when will i get to have a visa? Anyone with a similar status of mine???:specs:... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from tssalgado
    Thanks. In my experience...3 of my friends plus myself, went to RFE status and the documents USCIS asked must come from the petitioners, not from us.
    But did you have your vsc? It appears that dindinbay hasn't and should have. Takes approx 4 months to be issued so should have been applied for when first submitted application (in some cases some lawyers will not file without it)
  2. by   roseller02
    can anyone give me their employer's contacts??? so i can also inquire to them.. thanks.
  3. by   dindinbay
    yes ur right.. i dont have my VSC yet that's why i have to get ready with it in case USCIS will ask for RFE. I dont know why lawyers submitted my paperworks when in fact it was lacking.. but anyway, i have to secure my VSC before time is running out. Thank you guys..
  4. by   RetroPinoy
    you definitely need to submit VSC, that's one of the main requirements for the H1B. but at least, you already got a case no. so even if you receive an RFE,your case is still progressing.
  5. by   dindinbay
    the only requirements i submitted to my employer are my school credentials, passport, birth cert, nclex report, credential evaluation services (ces) from cgfns, ad-interim permit from nevada, employment certificates and training cert. i already took ielts but was expired already. that's why i was advised to take toiec instead. next week i will enroll at hopkins int'l for toiec. i can have the result of the exam after 3-4days and this is cheaper compared to ielts. i will also send the "request for validation of registration/licenses for visa screen" form to my board of nursing. others didn't do it, they we're given vsc without their bon sending cgfns-ichp the required form. do you think they will isuse me vsc (once i passed) without cgfns-ichp verifying my status with the bon? huh!! gotta lot of things to do before i can have the decision whether approved or rfe. i have known one person that she don't have vsc submitted on her application but during the consul interview she was requested to bring it. at least in that case, she don't have to wait 60days.
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  6. by   roseller02
    to everyone who had their H1b:

    Hi, i just want to ask if you paid for it for yourself or the petitioner shoulder your expenses. im asking because, one of the recruiter that we talked told us that we will shoulder for it.. and if ever you didn't, what is the name of employer, so i may talked to them as well.

    Hoping for your reply.. thanks
  7. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    You shouldn't have to pay for it, the employer is supposed to pay for everything. Whatever recruiter stated that you should pay for it isn't the recruiter that you need to be speaking with. It's an employer based visa that should NEVER be paid by the employee.
  8. by   ghillbert
    They cannot legally make you pay the visa or petition fees, that is an USCIS rule. They can however make you pay the legal fees which can be a few thousand dollars. I would NOT pay to get a visa!
  9. by   roseller02
    thanks for that.. it's really disappointing that they are doing that here, and then when u are denied you just lost the thousand dollars.. sad sad.. i hope to find a true employer that can give us the chance.. thanks again..

  10. by   RetroPinoy
    Have you got an existing EB2 petition? If you do, then at least you can use your VSC for that purpose in case your H1B petition doesn't work out. I was surprised to know that you can actually start the H1B petition without the VSC.
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from RetroPinoy
    Have you got an existing EB2 petition? If you do, then at least you can use your VSC for that purpose in case your H1B petition doesn't work out. I was surprised to know that you can actually start the H1B petition without the VSC.
    Do you mean EB3 because for most (except India and China) EB2 is current so therefore the member would or should be just waiting for a interview?
  12. by   RetroPinoy
    sorry...EB3 is what I mean..thanks for pointing that out.
  13. by   mich_14ph
    Quote from roseller02
    The Saipanes employer who interviewd me yesterday told me that the facility id St Jude Renal care or center. Do you happen to know that facility? Im also curious on how will be the processing? is it the same for US visa? and of course the salary? wat facility are you anyway? thanks a lot! Are you also a Filipino?
    Hello roseller02,
    I was also interviewed by the employer from St. Jude Renal Care Facility 1 year ago. I was one of the 15 applicants but they decided to hire the first 5 applicants for batch 1. They didn't hire another batch so lucky for the first batch. Can I ask what agency did you apply? I'm wondering if they are still under the same agency before. I hope to hear from you.Thank you.