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I've been a neurology nurse for about two years now and would like to see what advice is out there regarding resources to become an even better neuro nurse. What medical journals, neuroscience journals, specialty certifications, lectures, and experiences would you recommend for someone who wants to be excellent?



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I would definitely recommend joining the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. They have an annual conference (next one is in March 2019 in Denver, CO), and they also have an annual stroke conference (coming up in August in Louisville, KY). When you join you also get a subscription to the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.

The American Board of Neuroscience Nursing has two certifications for neuro RNs: CNRN (certified neuroscience RN) and SCRN (stroke certified RN). I have the SCRN. Studying for the certification exam definitely expanded my knowledge base (especially related to neuroanatomy and pathophysiology), and has helped me better understand the rationale for various interventions, stroke presentations, etc. I think studying for either the CNRN or SCRN would be a great way to become a better neuro nurse.

Hope that helps

If your unit is stroke-heavy, look into NETSMART. It's a preparation for NVRN certification. Definitely join AANN....journals, listserve, conferences.

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This sounds like great advice. Thank you MurseJJ and MelEpi!

All the things everyone else said and ENLS.

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