Advice- Newer RN Thinking About Changing Jobs


I have been in my department (my first nursing job) for just over a year now, and am starting to think about my future and what I actually want to do. I got extremely lucky, and got hired into the CVOR as a new grad. I really love my job, and definitely would not mind staying in my current position, but I am not sure if it is really my "passion." The hours and call are also kind of rough (but it is first shift, just call on weekends and nights).

I really like what I do now, but since starting nursing school, and throughout clinicals, I have always wanted to do labor and delivery, and eventually be a midwife. I have always felt that this would be my dream job, and still do feel like this even though I am in a position I really like now.

There is now a position open in a different facility in labor and delivery. It is a further commute, and night shift (which I have never worked, so would be kind of scared about that).

I am thinking about applying for this position, but am definitely scared thinking about if I actually did get the job. Is leaving my first RN job, that I do like, after only a year a bad idea? Anyone else been in a similar position and/or have any advice?


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Why would it be a bad idea?

If your dream job is to be a midwife, remaining complacent at your current job won't get you there. You need to be pro-active and take advantages of opportunities like this.

Either way, there's no harm in applying for the position.

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I left my first RN job before one year (I am now there PRN) for a very competitive specialty. While many of my coworkers are stuck in their current jobs, in the time I have left, I have been hired, trained and off orientation for several months (have been in my specialty for over eight months now). I am gaining the valuable experience needed to advance my career (NNP) while my med-surg counterparts who want to become CRNAs are being held back. No regrets here. However...

The OR is a completely different beast as orientation and costs of onboarding are ridiculously long and high. OR orientations are usually six months long (minimum) and expect a LOT more ROI then a med-surg unit that rushes new nurses off onto their own. You could be burning a massive bridge by leaving so soon. Also, OR is oftentimes considered a holy grail in nursing as a highly coveted specialty. On top of that, you are switching from dayshift hours, shorter commute to the night life with a longer drive. Can you handle bedside night shiftwork, especially after coming from an OR, day-shift background?

These are some things to consider. If CNM is your goal, then by all means, apply. But know you are giving up a great opportunity that many nurses never get by leaving the CVOR, so you better be sure that this is what you want. If you weren't coming from such a specialty, I'd give an enthusiastic "yes!"

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CVOR is a very coveted, in demand, and well paying specialty for nursing agencies. I would put in another year and then get an L&D job while staying PRN in the CVOR. That way, you can stay current with CVOR and if you every desired to work agency (such as if you go to school full time for CNM) you will have enough CVOR and L&D experience.