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  1. Bullying where you work?

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      Yes, I've noticed that we all do it to each other. I play both roles. That's just the way it is. So, if you cant stand the heat...
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      No, we work together like a family. Nurses, techs, PAs, Drs...
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      Yes, but I am not affected, nurses like me. I see the weaker nurses leave.
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      Yes, thats how I make new nurses stronger.
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So long story short I took a periop course and paid out of pocket and never really landed an OR job with no experience. So after two years on the floor, I applied to an internship at my hospital. Finally, Im in the OR. So, Im new to the OR with 4 brand new grads RN (interns) and 2 other newly hired nurses. There seems to be static and bullying going on from more experienced nurses. I try to have an open mind and tell the new nurses that we can make a change and make it pleasant. We have a really new intern program, but amazing amount of time for orientation. Anyway, two of those new nurses who didn't sign a contract (the interns did) are letting the bullying get to them among other complaints (call, poor planning, scheduling). Two of them are applying elsewhere. I'm strong but I know everyone has their own limits. The floor I left had a new grad quit her job and commit suicide. She quit saying, "poor training and bullying" which I also experienced. I want to stay positive not only for me but to keep the other newbies safe from harm and satisfied with the job.

Any advice? How can we change the culture?

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Toxic environments aren't specific to just the OR, so I've asked the mods to move your thread to a forum where you might get more replies.

I'm also curious as to what kind of behavior you are seeing. Is it true bullying? Bluntness or rudeness that isn't really bullying but is often referred to as such?

However, I will say that it is unlikely you will be able to do much to change the culture; management also has to be supportive of a culture change. If there are blatant violations of the code of conduct, report them. If they aren't reported, then those who have the power to step in don't know about them. It may indeed take multiple reports to force a change in management.

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You said the "B" word, so prepare to be nitpicked. if the culture is toxic, the only solution is to get out as soon as possible.


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Oy vey. There is bullying, lateral violence and cliquishness in all fields. And it's not always the "old" eating the young. In places I have worked, particularly where management was under 30, there was a lot of old eating by new nurses and anytime they were called on it, they ran crying to "mommy" and the "old" nurses were promptly admonished and given action plans.

There was a time I precepted one of them. He was the most disrespectful person I ever met. He knew it all and rolled his eyes when I tried to show him the way (and no I was NOT NETY'ing this guy). He was dismissive and rude to patients as well. I told him he would hurt someone one day with his attitude and ended the preceptorship.....especially when I brought my concerns to the manager and he failed to see the warning signs and danger of such behavior. You could say his "eye-rolling" ME was "bullying" but I just saw it as ignorance and disrespect. Was so glad when I was done working with him.

He did end up causing harm to a patient.

Lately, the definition of bullying has changed in many ways. What is called bullying.....correcting someone for dangerous/poor performance, or holding them to a standard, is actually considered being "mean" to certain people. TRUE bullying is watered down by such situations. If a person is feeling sick everyday going to work, ostracized, out and out disrespected or humiliated, that IS bullying. Calling someone on their crap is NOT.

Moral of the story.... there are bullies everywhere. Bullying DOES exist, but it's not always perpetrated on the young by the old. Nor is it always the young who are the problem either. Let's take age out of it and recognize it for what it is......and is not.


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And I did not answer your poll. NONE Of the answers apply. It's not particularly well-constructed, I am afraid.

LOL four variations on "yes" and only one "no". Sure you don't have any confirmation bias about your hypothesis?