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Advice for a New Grad

by Iwinchester45 Iwinchester45 (New) New Nurse

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I am a new grad that just started at the end of February. This week I made two errors and had to complete incident reports. The first one was a bag of patient medication was left in the pharmacy after discharge and the patient was upset and my manger had to send them back to her. The second was I accidentally cleared a PCA before getting the 24 hour totals so I wasn’t able to put them in the appropriate documentation. I did an incident report for each and the first one my manager didn’t discuss with me but the second one I will discuss with her tomorrow. I have a meeting with my preceptor, my manager, and my education specialist for tomorrow at 11 am which was already set, but I know we will discuss the issues then. My question is, can I be fired for this? I feel terrible for both mistakes and it was genuinely an error in using the computer system both times, but I feel awful.

I’m still a student. But I read and want to wish you luck ! Be sincere with your word. And demonstrate that you have learned from your mistakes. Take any constructive criticism well and with grace.
You’ll be fine 🙂

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I don't think those are fireable offenses unless the place you work for is really strict... neither caused any harm to a patient, just a minor inconvenience about the meds. I have been a nurse for almost 7 years and I consider myself a good nurse, but last month on a busy day I also forgot to return something to a pt from the safe at discharge. I called him and luckily he was chill about it, we offered to mail it but he picked it up. Anyway, try to pay attention to details but mistakes happen. Much better to forget to return something than a serious med error or something. Hope it goes well!


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Those are not mistakes that warrants termination. They are mistakes a new grad is expected to make or at least they are mistakes that happen and serve as learning opportunities.