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Advice needed!

by Filipina Filipina (New) New

I'm a BSN graduate 1995 from the Philippines. I have just worked for 8 months in there, 'cause there's no work everywhere for nurses (there's too much nurses back home) I even work as a volunteer RN with no pay.

I haven't worked since coming here in the U.S. But I had Long Term Care Nurse Certification Program, I.V. Certification, ACLS, EMT-A post graduate course, Basic EKG, Cardiac Catheter Care, and all this I took 1996 so I don't know if there still hold any value now that it's 1999.

I've passed my CGFNS Exam May 1996. So what I'm doing right now is try to apply for my NCLEX-RN Exam. I just have to compile all the necessary papers they need. I need to work to pay for the fees I need to take my exam. But I don't know what kind of work I can do (I'm considered a Graduate Nurse aren't I?) I've worked in my uncle and aunt's restaurant all this time to help them. I'm estranged with my uncle after he hit me.

But I don't want to work in another restaurant because it won't help me career wise. Maybe you have an idea what kind of job I can apply too that is medically related? Thanks!



Go to a nursing agency and present your qualifications,, With a BSN you may not need to be certified as a nursing assistant. You could work acute care for about 15.00 an hour.

It seems you have had a hard time since getting to the states. I would recommend you find out what is needed to get licensed here, find a hospital that will hire you in whatever capacity they feel they can to benefit you and give you some experience with their system so that when you get your license you can move into the RN position.

With patience and confidence you will make it. Wishing you the best.

Thank you both for replying! I recently went to a State Workforce Commission to search for a job and found a job I can apply to. The job is for Emergency Technician and is schedule for an interview first week of October. What if they ask what salary I have in mind or what I expect? I don't have any idea because this is the first time that I'll be working here (if I get the job) and it will be the first time I'll be receiving a salary? Does anyone have any idea? any interview advice?

I hope that I get the job because I really need it to help pay bills and for nursing fees so I can take my NCLEX-RN. Pray for me!

Well, here it is October 8th, what happened to you filipina? Did you get the job? Sounds like it was just right for you. Don't keep us in suspense any longer. I'm anxious to know how you are doing. Hi, from S.A. Tx.



Hello! I'm still here! I recently went through an interview Oct. 4, it was mostly done by the ER Charge nurse, she seemed so nice and even gave me a tour of the ED. She described to me want the Emergency Tech job entails. And kept asking me when I'm going to take my NCLEX-RN exam, because she said they need nurses to stay with them in the ED. She hopes that when I get the job pass my exam and possibly move to an RN position that I would stay there. Apparently most GN's leave the ER whenver they pass their exam and move to other departments. I hope most nurses treat their newbies like her she made me feel better.

Met the Clinical Manager too but she's in a hurry. I even have my vcertificates and nursing papers with me but she did not look at them, she told me to wait for a call from the human resources department.

They called the other day, and told me that they need my social security card verified and that they need more references from me (not relatives). The problem is most references I have are relatives my 2 aunts are nurses too. So I just listed all the nurses and medical technologist that knew me through my aunt and most of them I know because I baby sitted their children. They won't let me baby sit their children if I'm not worth trusting. So I'm still praying that I get the job but still have no idea what hours I will work or what salary I'll be getting. Pray for me okay! Roach thank you for being interested about my post. God Bless Everybody!

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