ADVICE NEEDED!! for New LPN..LOOKING FOR WORK...Experienced Nurses; please share your


:typinghello everyone! just wanted to post that im super excited to look for work, im officially going to start fresh on monday! got resume and cover letters in hand, need advice from all the experienced nurses. how exactly should i dress for an interview as a lpn looking for work? any experiences anyone would like to share with me! please! everything will help! just excited and nervous at the same time! thank you 2 everyone!:wink2:


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I dressed in a suit, hair pulled back and with little make-up, just enough to look polished not over done. Several classmates applied to the same facility but I was the only one who got right in. By right in I mean 6weeks of calling back and talking with the ADON telling her I was still interested in the job.

You could wear scrubs but I think it's better to look business professional.



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Don't forget your thank you letter put in the mail the same day you go to interview and an attitude that promotes availability, gratefulness for the opportunity and compromise concerning their needs before your own.

I am a new LPN grad and I went to one job interview. I thoroughly researched the company that I wanted to work for, included their mission and strong points they desired in an employee within my resume, and dressed business casual with very little make up and jewelry. I had not worked since 1994 and my only profession experience was clinicals. I accepted a position on the cardio-pulmonary floor working 7-3.

The hiring manager told me she chose me, a brand new LPN grad over someone with 15+ experience because I had a willing attitude eager to learn, and she felt that I knew the company better than she did and saw my desire to work only for them. I was asked if I had applied elswhere by her to which I explained to her that it was my wish to only be a part of this hospital's team and if I would not be right for this job, then I would continue applying for other positions. She told me on the phone that she liked this answer while all the time I was concerned she would feel I had stocker tendacies! :)

It took me a lot of time to go after this job in this hospital, but after her comments, I knew that it was well worth my effort. In these times, it really pays to understand how to sell yourself and get yourself noticed. I had very little work experience but my strong point is selling myself because I am only the person that I make myself to be.

So, on this note, I guess my one big piece of advice for you would be to realize that your job at your interview is to stress that you are there to bring something to them rather that asking what they can offer you. I feel new grads should not be concerned with details concerning what the company is gonna give them, but they should be setting up step one of a goal that will eventually put them in a position to allow the opportunity to negotiate better terms once they have more experience and can/have prove they are worth it. My basic needs I looked for in a job were safety in the work place with people who liked working in a team, fair money and the opportunity to advance my career. I did not expect high pay, better hours or for them to cater to me so I was really surprised when I got this great shift I am working.

Good luck to you and never give up because everyone has something to offer if they look in the right places and understand how to sell it.

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Sell yourself. Don't be afraid to talk positivly about yourself (one of my hardest things to do in an interview). Also, try to think back about personal experience. How did you handle situations (difficulty ones) with family, coworkers, patients during clinicals? Give specific examples too. Did you set up something in the workplace or in class that benefited everyone? Do you have special certifications that make you stand out? Any military service?

Sorry for the long list, just trying to remember back to my last interview. It was at the VA and they just have this huge list of questions where three people sit in and ask you in turns. Its mind boggling.

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I just landed my first LPN position. My "interview dress" was matching pants/jacket, a blouse, minimal jewelry and makeup, with black flat shoes. I went on 2 interviews, had 2 offers.

I also agree with researching the company you are interviewing with so you know about them.

Good luck to you!


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Thank you everyone that answered me...Im getting the feel of what to do..honestly I appreciate everyone! I will keep everyone posted on how things go!!! I dont feel as lost anymore!!! *GOD BLESS*

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