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Hello All!

Day before yesterday a family member was upset because she when she came in at 13:00 she found that her mother had not been taken to the dining room for lunch at 12:00.

This family member also got into it with one of the techs and then went to the office to complain.

The admin nurse in the office (staff development coordinator) encouraged the family member to write a complaint about the tech.

I was off yesterday but heard that the admin nurse has decided to write up all envolved parties...


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Oh forgot to mention that I'll probably just sign it...


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I would be prepared with my own write up of the SDC stating that by encouraging this mega write up is blatent disregard of the facility chain of command policy.

If this family member would have been encouraged to go to the nurse in charge (you) the whole fiasco would never have happened in the first place.

Let the SDC/DON know that you are happy to deal with these problems as they unfortunately occur from time to time and it is THEIR place to immediately let you know when there are problems that need your attention. Then you can meet with the family yourself and deal with the staff yourself.

Good luck with this.


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You might want to avoid inflammatory wording as that just gets you in hot water, however, you may add that , as you were not assigned to the involved area, you do not feel as though you bear responsibility. In the hospital, however, you would, as the charge nurse, be responsible as the overseer of the people at fault. If that is different in your facility and you truly are under the impression you were wronged, it wouldn't hurt to suggest that your lawyer would be reviewing any paperwork designated to be inappropriately placed in your personnel file. Also, you might suggest that management investigate ways to provide adequate staff to cover difficulties such as this . Was it a problem with the budget? Was it a break down in the change of command? Offer to work with them to find a way for it not to happen again...Good luck.


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And, just what is the point of a write up. What can it do to you. Who cares. Let them write until their fingers fall off. Do you think this will follow you? No. " I was not in charge of the dining room at that time, there is another nurse with that responsibility, I do not accept this , put the blame where it belongs." Mother/babyRN said it right.


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I agree don't sign for something that was not your fault if anything write your side of the story and state I do not concur with this write up. I can't stand when they threaten you with that nonnsense. My administrator threaten to report me to the boards because I resigned the next day. Well I refuse to work with little or no staff setting me up for my license to get snatched! You have to look out for you first and farmost. No one can make you do nothing you do not want to do.


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I agree with Lever5 on this one. Keep it simple and factual without an emotion to it (that's why you come here-vent to us not the suits on this one). Secondly, I would seriously consider reporting this nurses behavior, especially the no CPR thing, to the State Board of Nursing. This person is clearly incompetent and is going to cause some poor unsuspecting patient his or her life. That's just not fair. First no CPR now not feeding them. She sounds like an idiot who should not have peoples lives in her hands.

Lastly, Find another facility to work in if at all possible. If I didn't work in a Unionized hospital I would have quit here years ago. We unionized due to the extreme favortism mgmt practiced. Now they have rules they have to follow. It makes a big difference for a big mouth like me.

Good luck.


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You are all the Greatest! I will take your advice, be factual and unemotional in my response, (but I told you I'm italian LOL) You are all the reason I come to this board and Russell it is people like you who keep me in NM! Thanks to you all, my Board Family!

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