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Hello. I am currently enrolled in my summer semester for the CNA course they offer. We are almost done with the theory part of class and will begin clinicals on the 30 of July. My question has to do with situations with classmates. I started a friendship with one of the classmates early on and it seems to have turned. I have never missed a class except for Tuesday. When I come back on Wednesday, I noticed the "friend" was ignoring me along with the other classmates and one of the instructors. I also got strange looks the whole time on Wednesday. When I asked my "friend" about it, she denied anything and deleted me on her FB account. The last day of class is August 13. Should I do anything or should I just try to go on the best I can til the end date? Just need some opinions. Thank you.


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If it isn't causing a problem in the classroom, just some mean looks, forget it an move on. You are going to experience plenty of this and need to learn when to fight, and when to not.

Don't be passive aggressive, which it sounds like you confronted the individual, but don't be over-bearing either. It sounds like you tried to confront this classmate, and got nothing out of it, so move on, doing anything further may cause unnecessary drama that is not needed!


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I would just ignore it.

From my personal experience, you will get those type of people at lot in the work place too. Just keep on studying and focus on clinicals and finishing the class. You don't need negative people bringing you down!

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The other commenters beat me to it. Seriously, you're going to encounter much of the same (or much worse) in the workplace so just focus on your studies until August. Think of it as a good preparation for future coworkers.

Try to think of any ways in which you may have contributed to this situation. I can't imagine that everything went from peachy to tense and unfriendly in the course of one missed class. Did you miss an important class day (did you miss it on purpose)? Did you miss the class and leave your partner high and dry? Was it an exam day?

People don't just unfriend other people on FB for no reason. There has to be more to this story.

I would approach everyone individually. You may believe your instructor is giving you the cold shoulder, but that may not be the case. Better to ask than to assume and create this awkward atmosphere with your teacher--especially your teacher. Friends/peers are good allies to have, but I'd rather have them as enemies than have an instructor as an enemy. My instructor was a great reference for me! She gave me wonderful feedback that allowed me to get my first job! Don't burn bridges. If you did something wrong, apologize profusely and get back in their good graces.

Try to mend fences with your friend if you can. My class partner ended up being one of my best friends and I was able to use her as a reference. We're both going for our RN and even though we haven't been in class for over three years, she's still a good friend and contact. Think of anyway in which your behavior may have caused conflict, ask her why she unfriended you if you legitimately cannot think of one good reason why she would. It could be something completely innocent like you forgot a meeting with her and she's overreacting, but it could be something serious that you may learn from or need to process in order to avoid distraction in class. Either way, yes, this is definitely just experience for future interpersonal conflicts.


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Thank you for the replies. I will just ignore it. Not too much time to go.

Ignore it. Focus on studying and becoming the best LNA in the class