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I'm in my last year of my BSN program and have two quarters left until I graduate. I committed a crime, was charged with commercial burglary (a misdemeanor), and am now serving a 3-year probation sentence. I can, however, file for early termination after 18 months and have my record expunged. My last two clinical sites have done background checks and I'm absolutely paranoid I won't be able to complete my final two rotations, as it will hinder with my ability to graduate. I understand what I did was completely wrong and would like future employers/clinical agencies to see that this crime does not reflect the type of student I have been and nurse I will be. Grades are definitely up to par and I have always been a law-abiding citizen up until this incident. Any advice, thoughts, comments? Thanks in advance to all those that reply.

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Call your state board of nursing and ask them any questions just to be sure. Hope it works out for you!

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